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Course Retake Policy

Students may retake a course once to improve a grade lower than C or if the grade earned does not meet admission or progression requirements for a major. Both grades received in the course are entered on the transcript. The higher of the two grades will be used in calculating the grade point average. Credit will be given only once. If, after taking the course a second time, a student has not achieved the required grade, the student should meet with the student’s academic faculty advisor to discuss implications. If a student needs to take a course more than twice to progress in their major, the student must receive written permission from the department responsible for the major. Any course taken more than twice is entered on the transcript regardless of grade earned for progression purposes only. No additional credit or change in gpa will occur.

Courses transferred from accredited colleges or universities may also be used under the Course Retake Policy. For a course to be accepted, a grade of “C” or better must be attained. As is true for any course transferred into Keene State College, the grade is not entered on the transcript nor calculated as part of the grade point average. The original grade earned at Keene State College will no longer be factored into the grade point average, but it remains on the transcript.

Students taking advantage of the policy must register for the course, pay tuition, and complete a course retake form and, if necessary, a course substitution form.

Opportunities to use the Course Retake Policy end upon baccalaureate graduation. The Course Retake Policy does not apply to courses taken for graduate credit.

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Course Retake Policy
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