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Continuous Enrollment

Unless a formal Leave of Absence is granted, all graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrollment in one or more graduate-level credits until they have completed all requirements and have received their degrees. Enrollment in regular coursework may be required during the summer term for some graduate programs (see specific program requirements). Enrollment during the summer term may also be required for students who plan to take comprehensive examinations, defend theses or present capstones. Unless required by a specific program, continuous registration is only required during the standard academic year.

Once students have completed all the coursework and research specified in their degree program, they must register each semester as indicated below or they will be considered to have voluntarily withdrawn from graduate status. If they are actively engaged in research or in a culminating project, they must register for an appropriate number of credits of thesis research, non-thesis research, or special projects per semester (as determined by their major professors or program committees), for which they will receive a grade of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory, and pay the associated tuition.

If they have completed all requirements for the degree and still need the privileges afforded by graduate student status (including email), students must register for Continuous Registration (KSC 600) each semester during the academic year and pay the associated fee. No grade or credit toward a degree is associated with Continuous Registration. The Continuous Registration administrative fee will keep the student’s accounts and access to the library active. Graduate students may only register for Continuous Registration with the pre-approval and permission of their faculty advisor or program coordinator. This option is generally only appropriate for students who have completed all requirements except for making up grades of Incomplete, taking a comprehensive exam, or refining and submitting the final version of a research project or thesis. If a student fails to register in the above manner once all required coursework and research credits are completed, email and other KSC services are discontinued, and a Reinstatement Petition and process must be initiated.

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Continuous Enrollment
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