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Catalog Policy

Each new edition of the Keene State College Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog becomes effective at the opening of the fall semester following its publication.

To earn a degree or simultaneous degrees, including components such as a second major, specialization, or a minor, a student must complete all graduation requirements specified in the Keene State College Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog for the same academic year. The catalog to be used to determine graduation requirements may be no older than the academic year of official admission. Any student who leaves the College and who is subsequently readmitted to a degree program will be required to meet graduation requirements in effect for the semester of readmission.

Typically, students follow graduation requirements for the catalog in effect at the time of first enrollment as a degree student at Keene State College. A student may choose to follow graduation requirements from any subsequent catalog while matriculated. A student electing to change from one academic program (e.g., major) to another may retain his or her original catalog year provided it is possible for the student to complete the graduation requirements. If that is not possible, a student must select a more recent catalog to determine graduation requirements.

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Catalog Policy
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