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Under the audit policy, potential students are encouraged to enroll in courses that provide an opportunity for them to assess their capacity to do college-level work for credit or that enable them to explore a discipline of interest.

Students may register to audit a course on a “space available” basis. Class participation is determined by the instructor; the student does not have to take examinations and does not receive credit for the course. The audit fee is fifty percent of the tuition fee for lecture courses. For studio, computer programming, laboratory/field studies, or skill courses, the fee is 100 percent of the tuition fee.

Students admitted as auditors may not change their registrations to “credit” after the second week of classes; students registered for credit may not change to “audit” after the second week of classes.

About this Policy

Ownership: Registrar's Office,
Last Modified: Jan 24, 2024 –
Categories: Academic
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