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Alternative Testing

    The Office of Disability Services (ODS) will provide Alternative Testing for students who have been granted this accommodation based on their documented disability. The accommodations could include extended time for testing, testing in a reduced distraction environment, use of a computer, adaptive software, CCTV, or text enlargement, to name some of the more common requests.

    Alternative testing requests are submitted through Accommodate and should be made 5 working days prior to the exam date. The student must provide very specific information about the nature of their request and what they will need for accommodations. They will receive a confirmation email from our office within 24 hours stating that their request has been received.

    Additionally, the instructors of these students will receive an electronic message from ODS regarding any requests that have been made. Instructors will respond electronically with instructions for testing and will provide the exam in person or by email on a timely basis.

    ODS will reserve a space for the exam, proctor the exam, and return it to the instructor by the agreed upon method.

    Additionally, students who wish to take an exam in ODS must abide by the following:

    • Only necessary items are allowed with the student during testing. Items not allowed include cell phones, iPods, purses and backpacks and other items of this nature.
    • Students are responsible for supplies needed for the test such as calculators, pencils and blue books.
    • The exam proctor will not answer questions by students that call for interpretation of test questions.
    • Students suspected of cheating will be reported immediately to the instructor.
    • Unless other arrangements are made, students must take exams at the same time as the class.
    • Students who arrive late or fail to show for an exam forfeit the opportunity to take the test in ODS and the exam will be returned to the instructor.

    8/15/23 HMS

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    Alternative Testing
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