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Program Overview

"I knew that Keene State had a solid history program, that it produced some great thinkers and was a really active community."
– Alanna Griffin-Bales '14

The history program provides students with the skills necessary for a productive professional career as well as an intellectually fulfilling life. More about Program Overview

Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Keene State students can take part in a new interdisciplinary minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS). This program includes faculty and courses from English, History, and Art History – including courses in medieval and Renaissance art, the Crusades, Chaucer, Shakespeare, and the European Conquest of the New World. More about Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Students and Alumni

Laura Ruttle

History students and graduates are using critical reasoning to make a difference. Among KSC history major graduates are public defenders, museum curators, marketing directors, and even presidential campaign directors.

Department News

Take a look at what’s new in History at Keene State. Includes news on student research, faculty publications and presentations, program changes, grants, and other announcements. More about Department News

Department Faculty

"The professors are incredible, they are passionate about the content and that really got me into it."
– Kevin McNair '13 

The History Department is supported by a committed team of professors. Our faculty’s diverse scholarship allows students to earn a degree in one of several specializations. More about Department Faculty


Tyler Croteau at the entrance to the Wyman Tavern
August 7, 2017 –

Rising senior and honors student Tyler Croteau’s interests and enthusiasm see him involved with many facets of life on campus and off, and gain him some important professional experience. “I could not be more thankful for the resources the College has provided me to advance my career,” he said. “I’ve…

Troy Culverwell, the HSCC's new Crowdsourcing...
March 1, 2017 –

Sophomore Troy Culverwell came to Keene State from his hometown of Morrisville, North Carolina, because he wanted to major in European history, which the other schools he looked at offered only as a minor. He’s also majoring in secondary education, but his real goal is to go into museum sciences…

Kerrin McTernan
August 5, 2016 –

The summer Olympics is now underway, and Brazil, the host for the Rio 2016 games, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Media reports paint an ominous picture, detailing a country beset by political unrest, crime, and corruption, not to mention the risk of the Zika virus…

Tanya Amato
March 22, 2016 –

Tanya Amato, a sophomore from Rindge, New Hampshire, has always had a passion for helping people. Her interest in history enticed her to pursue a degree in the area, but she felt doing so would leave her desire to help people unfulfilled. Instead, she chose to direct her education toward…

Alex Habibi ’15 in Cambodia with Lok Chum Mey,...
January 11, 2016 –

Just imagine what the Peace Corps recruiter must have thought after he or she had interviewed Alexander Habibi ’15 . How could the organization find a more perfect candidate? The former Keene State student already had considerable service-oriented international travel as an undergrad—including trips to Rwanda and South Africa. His…

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