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Construction Safety Sciences, Peter Spanos

Construction Safety Sciences


Keene State College is the first in the nation to offer a bachelor’s degree in construction safety sciences. The major prepares students for a variety of occupational safety and health program management positions in private and public construction. We emphasize critical thinking, hazard identification and prioritization, problem solving, cost effectiveness, professional skills in programmatic management, and safety and environmental regulatory compliance.

Program Options

Students may choose either a major (bachelor of science) or a minor in construction safety sciences.

Students who are interested in the major should be highly motivated, as you will need to pass milestones in their academic progress, including testing, minimum GPA requirements, and adhering to the Code of Conduct. You should also meet with a CSS advisor to ensure you are progressing as you should be. For more specific information on these requirements, refer to the catalog. Students have the opportunity to join and engage with the student chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals and Rho Kappa Sigma (RSK), the national safety honor society. You will participate, through the major, in internships and safety boot camps to enhance your knowledge and marketable skills.

Students who are interested in the minor should also be highly motivated and will need to maintain a 2.80 cumulative GPA.

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In this Section:

Career and Other Opportunities

Graduates from Keene State’s program will be prepared to pursue graduate study or immediately begin careers in:

  • loss control
  • risk management
  • organizational safety
  • consulting


This degree prepares graduates for employment as an independent or team member charged with assuring worker health and safety on a variety of construction projects. Graduates are able to think critically to anticipate and assess risk during pre-planning and design phases; analyze the properties of work hazards and practices to research best practice controls; communicate necessary steps to control hazards with varying audiences; measure and assess the effectiveness of controls interacting with a diverse workforce; apply ethical and professional judgment to assure worker safety and health, and meet applicable codes of conduct and ethical behavior.

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