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Construction Safety Sciences, Peter Spanos

Master of Science in Construction Safety

The Master of Science in Construction Safety program at Keene State College is uniquely designed to equip professionals with the advanced skills and knowledge necessary to lead in the rapidly evolving construction industry. This program is meticulously structured around key objectives and learning outcomes that address the core needs of safety professionals and the construction sector at large. As a student in this program, you will:

  • Master Communication Strategies: Learn to effectively articulate safety strategies and program goals to upper management, ensuring alignment and support for safety initiatives at the highest levels.
  • Solve Complex Safety Challenges: Develop team-based approaches to dissect and address multifaceted safety issues, leveraging collective expertise to implement comprehensive solutions.
  • Implement Sound Management Solutions: Gain the ability to propose management solutions that not only consider budget and return on investment but also positively influence the safety culture within construction environments.
  • Engage in Advanced Research: Enhance your research skills to gather, analyze, and apply information from leading sources and professional journals, tackling current construction safety issues with evidence-based solutions.

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The Skills You Need To...

  • Apply Organizational and Learning Theories: Integrate theories of organizational behavior and adult learning into the development of effective safety policies and programs, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and learning.
  • Negotiate with Regulators: Build the leadership and negotiation skills required to effectively interact with industry regulators, ensuring compliance and advancing the interests of your organization.
  • Communicate Risk Effectively: Learn to convey the nuances of risk to workers, leadership, and the public in a manner that is understandable and actionable, enhancing safety awareness and practices across all levels of the organization.

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