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Meet Our Students

Evthoxia Kyrousis

I wanted to be close to the area in which I grew up. KSC gave me a place to explore new ideas, meet new people, and pave a path toward my future.

Faculty and staff are friendly, positive, and enjoy extending a helping hand. Continuing Education helped me throughout my academic career. I felt people in the office cared about me and were interested in my success. No matter how busy the staff in Continuing Education was, people there always answered my questions and made time for me.

The best thing about Keene State College is its helpful, supportive people. The College has a lot to offer its students.I am proud to have graduated from KSC.

Morgan Mitchell

Following her graduation with a degree in journalism, Morgan Mitchell plans a career in marketing and public relations before pursuing a master’s degree.

Surgery meant I had to take almost every other semester off. But because of KSC’s summer courses, I am graduating on time. The summer program let me obtain general education credits and electives I needed for my journalism major.

I found working with people at KSC during the summer easy. During the summer, a smaller class size permits more one-on-one help and hands-on experience that are harder to achieve during a regular academic semester. The administration and professors had more enthusiasm and time to dedicate.

It was comfortable working with the people in Continuing Education. The best thing was the feeling of hope people gave me. My experience gave me a sense of security and a belief in myself. From the resourcefulness of KSC employees I learned that life isn’t always about having the answer, it’s about knowing where to go when you don’t have it.

Jesse Miller

Jesse Miller’s goal is to use his education in sociology and French by working for nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping the people of Haiti. Over the past several years, Jesse has made six trips to Haiti to build orphanages, work in construction, teach in elementary schools, work as a French translator for doctors and nurses in clinics, and engage in other relief work. Jesse also works to find American sponsors to support Haitian children.

I am passionate about relief work in impoverished and underdeveloped countries, particularly Haiti. I want to help people and bring hope. Keene State College gave me opportunities to explore many options. After taking classes in many disciplines, and with guidance from several wonderful professors, I decided to pursue a degree in sociology. Taking classes through Continuing Education has been ideal. I have explored various academic fields, taking courses at a pace that meets my needs. I am able to work as a substitute teacher while going to school, remaining active in various community groups, and leading a junior high youth group. I have also had the flexibility to organize taking courses around my frequent trips to Haiti. The professors are the best thing about Keene State. My professors have become much more than teachers. Many of them are friends with whom I enjoy sharing a cup of coffee and conversation. They have challenged me to examine the world, to ask questions, to delve into ‘uncharted territory.’ In one course, I volunteered in New Orleans. This type of hands-on learning is empowering and supplies me with tools I need to work in the field of human service. For me, education is something that happens outside as much as inside the classroom. Continuing Education operates under this same principle, and so do my professors. The freedom and flexibility I enjoy as a Continuing Education student allows me to enhance my learning through real life experiences. Through volunteering in New Orleans, working in Haiti, teaching, and youth leading, I am able to embrace the world as my classroom and put into practice the valuable skills I am developing. I have been inspired and encouraged in profound ways during my time at Keene State, and I am grateful.

Jennifer English

Jennifer English graduated from Keene State College with a degree in communication. Jennifer takes courses through Continuing Education to update her skills and sharpen her competitive edge. She works as a director of communications.

As a full-time working professional, I find it’s great to be able to take courses through Continuing Education to help me stay up-to-date in my field. They offer relevant classes at convenient times for full-time working moms. For example, I signed up for an intensive weekend course on InDesign that helped me at my job. I love my career in the communications field - I am very happy with where I am in my career and the direction it’s taken. I love learning new things and gaining new information. There’s always a new level you can achieve, both professionally and personally. If I had to use one word to describe my experience working with Continuing Education, it would be simplicity. You sign up for a class, register, get confirmation, and then you’re done!

Eileen Longe

Eileen Longe just matriculated at Keene State College after taking courses through Continuing Education in 2007. She is studying studio arts in preparation for opening an artists’ gallery, where she will offer studio space to artists and move her custom framing business. Her daughter is also a student at the College.

Starting college again after 26 years was a bit intimidating - after earning two associate’s degrees, one in fine arts and one in graphic design, marriage and family took center stage - but the people in Continuing Ed encouraged me. My experience with CE was positive - my first contact with the College - so I felt confident to pursue my education. People in the office were supportive and kind, and there’s mutual respect between staff and students. They were right there to help me. And now, even though I have matriculated, I know I can ask Continuing Education for help anytime. The best thing about Keene State is the community. We’re all here for the same reason - to get an education. Students arrive to earn their degrees; the staff and faculty strive to help them achieve that. Buildings and books don’t create an education - people do. Keene State gave me a sense that I can do this. I can get my bachelor’s degree. I am proud to be part of this community.

Cherie Rowe

Cherie Rowe long wanted to return to school to take art classes. A conversation at a function with a Keene State Continuing Education staff person encouraged Cherie to return to school. Cherie plans to pursue classes related to her twin interests: gardening and painting.

I long wanted to go back to school to pursue my interest in art. When I met Lynne Rust at a party she convinced me I should apply to KSC and that I would do well in school. I was nervous when I went to register for my classes and even more nervous on the first day of class, worried about being the oldest student in my class. Yes, I was the oldest student in the class, but the other students didn’t mind. I fit right in because we all were there to learn. I loved every minute of that first class! I’m taking design and art courses. A friend told me, —If you do anything in life, take some design courses because they train you to look at things in a different way.’ I’m a gardener and my courses gave me a better, clearer vision in using colors and design in planning gardens. My experience working with Continuing Education has been positive and reassuring. Keene State boosted my self confidence, helping me pursue my dreams and understand it’s OK to go back to school at any age. People I meet on campus are helpful, patient, and kind. Everyone seems to really enjoy his or her job because I have never met such a nice staff. Keene State has been a wonderful experience. I am getting a great education. I encourage anyone thinking about going back to school to look at Keene State. The College has so much to offer. I’ve learned so much and couldn’t be happier.

Jenna Buchanan

Jenna Buchanan, a junior at Keene State College, plans to graduate a year early with a double major in Elementary Education and Psychology.

The affordability, proximity to home, and great reputation of my program of study are what initially drew me to Keene State. The small classes, personal attention, great faculty, and friendly people have made my experience here more rewarding than I could have imagined. Continuing Education’s summer classes allowed me to reach my career goals at a faster pace. Having been passionate about teaching for as long as I can remember, I loved the option of accelerating my degree program and entering my profession sooner. I’ve done the same amount of work as I would have in a normal four-year track. I’ve just taken classes year-round rather than the traditional two semesters per year. The variety and availability of the classes that Continuing Education offers is excellent. The atmosphere in summer classes is relaxed and enjoyable, while still challenging and rewarding. Being able to focus on one or two classes at a time allows me to really make the most of the experience. I’m so glad I chose Keene State to help me achieve my degree. Having the opportunity to do it all in my own time frame means I can be in the classroom teaching much sooner than I ever expected.

Paul and Dorothy Bothwell

Paul and Dorothy Bothwell moved to the Keene area in 1988, after Paul sold his business in Connecticut. One of the reasons they located here was Keene State. They started taking classes through Cheshire Academy for Lifelong Learning, KSC’s institute for learning in retirement, in 1993 and haven’t missed a semester since.

Dot Bothwell: I’ve taken credit, noncredit, and CALL courses. Paul and I enjoy attending classes as auditing students. ‘Noncredit’ is really a misnomer - people in class benefit by those sharing their life’s experiences. I often learn from questions posed by others in the class. The diversity of CALL courses means we always find something to suit us, and I’m often surprised to find changes in my interests. For instance, I’ve found I now enjoy Shakespeare. My favorite CALL class was a sculpture class. Having never sculpted anything larger than a cake of Ivory soap, and wishing I could create a real piece of art, that class was a dream come true. My experience is that Keene State people want to help. Continuing Education is sincerely interested in CALL and genuinely cares that courses run smoothly. Paul Bothwell: Love of learning new things is part of what keeps me going. I think lifelong learning keeps one’s brain alive and alert. Since moving to Keene, I’ve audited several KSC undergrad courses and taken noncredit courses, but I’m especially partial to CALL. Each spring and fall, Dot and I get to choose from courses on different topics - art, music, literature, writing, science, economics, and history - all interestingly (and often entertainingly) presented. I’ve taken CALL courses in DNA, forensic science, bird identification, the Bible and the Celts. At times, some of the topics were a bit over my head, but I had fun learning new facts and seeing other points of view. And no exams or term papers! As —KSC students’, we get access to the bookstore and student union, and the opportunity to get to know other students. Quality of the presenters is one of CALL’s great strengths. We are lucky to have so many people in our community who willingly share their skills and knowledge as instructors. Continuing Ed has done a wonderful job with CALL. When the program’s founder retired, some were afraid CALL might be lost in the whirl of KSC’s many priorities. However, Continuing Ed forged ahead, assigned a coordinator, and kept CALL on track. People in CE are always friendly and willing to help. Although KSC’s main mission is undergraduate and graduate education, the school is very user - friendly for nonconventional students. CALL is an important example of KSC’s educational outreach, and we are fortunate to have Keene State as part of our community.

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