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Treblinka: History and Evolution of a Killing Center

Zoom Webinar
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Treblinka: History and Evolution of a Killing Center
Featuring Tom White, Coordinator of Educational Outreach at the Cohen Center

Treblinka was a site that encompassed a forced-labor camp (Treblinka I) and, later, a killing center (Treblinka II) in German-occupied Poland during the Holocaust. By the time that the Treblinka killing center was dismantled in 1943, an estimated 925,000 Jews--as well as an unknown number of Poles, Roma, Soviet POWs--had been murdered there. This presentation will set the stage for 2024 Holocaust Memorial Lecture on 9/24 by discussing some basics about Treblinka. After a short presentation about the history of the site, how it compared to other camps that were run by the SS, and the uprising that took place there, there will be time for questions from the audience.

This event is hosted by the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Keene State College. The event is free and open to all; however, you must register in order to join the webinar. Online registration is available here.

This event is part of the Cohen Center calendar.

Michele Kuiawa
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