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IRS Pathways Opportunities for Students and Recent Graduates (Part I)

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The Internal Revenue Service’s Small Business &Self-Employed (SB/SE), and Large Business & International (LB&I)Divisions will be hosting information sessions for upcoming and recentcollege graduates regarding several positions announced under the FederalGovernment’s Recent Graduate Program or Pathways.

These information sessions will be held via the ZoomPlatform and IRS representatives will share insight into these exciting careeropportunities along with how to apply for them. To register for one ofthese sessions, please RSVP on one of the links below. Please note thatcapacity is limited for these sessions so register early. You can alsoregister on Handshake.

April 7thInvite 4pm – 5:30pm EST

April 15thInvite 4pm – 5:30pm EST

AboutIRS Pathways Program - This program is forindividuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educationalinstitutions or programs and seek a dynamic, career development program withtraining and mentorship. To be eligible, applicants must apply within twoyears of degree or certificate completion (except for veterans precluded from doingso due to their military service obligation, who will have up to six years toapply). Please click on the links below toreview:

Clickhere to view the IRS Pathways Recent Graduate Positions currently being offered.

Positions that will be discussed during these sessions willinclude:

Revenue Officers (SB/SE) serve as civil enforcementofficers and perform collection related activities within the establishedlaws, rules and regulations. Revenue Officers work primarily in thefield and are responsible for collecting delinquent accounts, securingdelinquent tax returns, and/or performing a technical review of collectionactivities to determine compliance. ****

Revenue Agents (SB/SE and LB &I) plan and conduct examinations using extensive andspecialized knowledge of accounting techniques, practices, and investigativeaudit techniques to examine and resolve various tax issues of individuals andbusiness organizations that may include extensive subsidiaries with operationsof national and/or international scope.

Tax Law Specialists (LB &I) assists in the analysis of significant tax complianceissues, collaborate with other members of audit teams to develop audit plans,gather facts, and prepare position papers. The Tax Law Specialist participatesas a technical expert in tax compliance examinations and provides expert advicethat may impact tax policy. Tax Law Specialists also perform risk assessments,develop training, provide advice on campaigns and assist field personnel.

General /Petroleum/IndustrialEngineers (LB &I) use industry-basedexperience to assist agents in cost recovery, tax credit and other issues.Engineers serve as specialists assisting with some of the largest, most complextax issues.

Appraisers (LB &I) performappraisals and appraisal reviews of real and personal property to assist agentsand attorneys to identify impact on various taxpayer returns. Appraisers serveas specialists assisting with significant valuation issues.

Examination Technicians andInternational Examination Technicians (LB &I) assist revenue agents with tasks related to audits. Thismay include preliminary work like gathering and reviewing reports, creatingspreadsheets, or completing case closing activities.

Operations Research Analysts (LB &I) are responsible for independentlydeveloping research studies, analyses, and projects that affect divisionprograms and policies. The emphasis is on performing analyses and providingexpertise in developing concepts in a variety of technical and analyticalareas. Professional knowledge of mathematicalmethods and scientific principles in order to accomplish complex studies,develop a variety of mathematical models, and provide management with viablesolutions or recommendations.

Computer Research Analysts(LB &I) contribute to research projectsthrough effective application of principles of computer methodology andtechnology. Monitors current automation and technology trends ensuringcomputer security and taxpayer privacy. Assists with the analysis anddevelopment of automated research techniques and methods to support theresearch efforts of the organization that provide management with informationneeded to identify problems and opportunities. Knowledge of theories, methodsand techniques of computerized research through effective application ofprinciples of computer methodology and technology. Knowledge of databasemanagement, numerical/statistical analysis, graphics and data presentation,software engineering, operating systems and algorithmic analysis to support theresearch efforts of the business unit.

These informationsessions offer an opportunity to speak to IRS employees and gain a betterunderstanding of the work they do day-to-day. We look forward to sharinginformation about our great opportunities with you and how you can become partof our team.

Clickhere to learn more about LB&I and SB/SE business divisions . MakeYour Future Count! If you want to use your talents to make adifference for America, you’re looking in the right place. We want the IRSworkforce to be excited about the future and, as one of the nation’s largestand most diverse institutions, we can give you an inside view of the world offinance that you can’t find anywhere else. So, when it’s time for you to enterthe workforce, we’re hoping you’ll consider working w

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