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Pre-Serve Summer Program

Congratulations on choosing Keene State! We’re a student-centered campus with hundreds of ways to get involved, one of the most popular being community service. What better way to complement your transition to college life than with Pre-Serve? During this six day, five night experiential program you will not only meet other incoming and current students, but become a part of our larger community and culture through volunteerism in the Monadnock region.

Pre-Serve brings together a small group of first year students to participate in hands-on service in the Keene community during the day, explore Keene’s culture and KSC’s campus in the evening, and stay in residence halls at night. Community Service projects vary with topics including hunger and homelessness, the environment, and youth development. Pre-Serve emphasizes team-building and leadership skills development through a one day program at outdoor adventure center, and participants get face-to-face time with staff that will help shape their time here at KSC; Student Involvement, Residence Life, and Academic and Career Advising among them.

Looking to kick-off your college experience a little early? Join us in July and help make a difference.

The Facts

Program dates: Pre-Serve will not take place during summer 2018.


Example Day

  • 8:15- Breakfast and day preparation
  • 9:00-3:00- Service at one of our community partner sites
  • 4:00- Meet with a department or faculty/staff on campus
  • 5:00- Group activities
  • 6:00- Dinner
  • 7:00- Activity off campus (examples: Swampbats game, BBQ, movie night, evening hike, etc.)
  • 9:00- Return to residence hall and prepare for the next day!

Questions? Contact Jessica Gagne Cloutier, Coordinator of Community Service.

Questions? Contact Us!