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Ashley Rollend

Social Media (B.A.)

Our Social Media major is tailored for ever-curious types, those eager to stay on top of trends and interactive technology, and the relentlessly imaginative.

Social media is a flourishing, industry-inclusive field, with 10-percent growth expected in the next decade. Let this interdisciplinary degree, in which you develop creative and analytic skills in connection with a liberal arts education, set you up for the first chapter of your professional career. Our immersive and empowering curriculum explores the role of the internet and social media in contemporary journalism, communication and society.

The Social Media major has a journalism core but includes courses and concepts in:

  • Art
  • Communication
  • Marketing

Students gain insight into web and social media uses in professional communication and prepare for careers in journalism, public relations, advertising, and marketing.

By benefitting from dedicated faculty and personalized mentoring, engaging in projects that apply theory to real problems, and celebrating a great return on your investment, you can realize your dreams at Keene State.

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In this Section:

Social Media majors and minors go on to work with:

  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Content Creator
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Content Strategist
  • Social Media Journalist

Social Media, B.A., Total Credits: 120

Core Courses

Social Media Fundamentals (4 Credits)

Examines social media technologies related to communication careers. Activities include creating blogs and social media accounts, developing personal brands, content, and strategy for partner organizations. Topics include privacy, usability, and accessibility; legal and ethical guidelines; and social media effects on individuals, culture, and society.

Social Media Analytics (4 Credits)

Explores best practices in social media analytics. Analyzes audience engagement with content to refine content and engagement strategies. Discusses legal and ethical implications of leveraging social media data. Topics include KPIs, native analytics, network analysis, data-informed action, algorithms, semantic analysis, influencers, and evaluation of social media strategy.

Multimedia Fundamentals (4 Credits)

Introduction to the vocabulary, principles, tools, and techniques of multimedia production for various platforms including web, social media, radio, and broadcast.

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