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Psychology students at Keene State have access to faculty with wide-ranging faculty and experiences — whether your passion in the field is related to counseling, motivation, neuroscience, personality, cognitive processes, child and adolescent psychology, organizational psychology — you’ll find it here. Core courses in the major give you the fundamentals for understanding psychology as a science. Elective courses will expand and enhance your knowledge. As a psychology major at Keene State, you’ll have the opportunity to be involved in real-world experiences through field work, practica, and internships and to conduct independent research with faculty members exploring topics beyond the curriculum. Some students choose to participate in the psychology honors program in which they develop, carry out, and present a research project. Our NeuroLab provides students with research opportunities in the areas of clinical behavioral science, neurodevelopmental disorders, and neuroscience. It allows ongoing research projects in language and Autism, clinical behavior therapy, and neuropsychology. Students observe and participate in clinical interventions and assist in collection of scientific data.

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In this Section:

Career and Other Opportunities

The psychology programs at Keene State can prepare you for success in a graduate program in psychology or a career in a psychology-related field, including:

  • counseling
  • human resources
  • business
  • marketing research
  • public policy
  • law and law enforcement
  • teaching
  • health care
  • and many other diverse fields


You’ll be exposed to the methodologies, problems, bodies of knowledge, and broad range of perspectives found currently in psychology. Students majoring in psychology gain an understanding of the applied fields in psychology, individual differences, the biological basis of behavior, and the social basis of behavior.

Sandra Purcell ‘18
April 11, 2018 –

Does participating in team sports at a young age have an impact on self-esteem as you get older? That is the question Sandra Purcell ‘18 hopes to answer in her...

Thomas Davis
December 11, 2017 –

Thomas Davis from Portsmouth, NH, and a graduate of Portsmouth High School, is now a KSC senior earning his degree in psychology.

Thomas is studying the link between mental fatigue...

Harlan Fichtenholtz
October 24, 2016 –

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do? What makes us tick? Harlan Fichtenholtz, a cognitive neuroscientist and the newest addition to the Keene State psychology faculty...

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