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Why do people do the things they do? If this question intrigues you, psychology – the scientific study of mind and behavior – might be the field for you. The study of psychology can prepare students for work in counseling, human resources, business, marketing research, public policy, law and law enforcement, teaching, health care, and many other diverse fields.

Degree Overview

Keene State offers two Psychology options:

  • A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology for majors
  • A minor in Psychology

An honors program is available for motivated Psychology majors. In addition, many students who are majoring in other fields take Psychology courses. More about Degree Overview

Prep for Success

"This major has helped me to a greater understanding of people and myself. ... As for careers there are endless opportunities for someone with a degree in psychology."
– Emily Murphy '15, Psychology major

Keene State’s Psychology program prepares students for success in a graduate program in Psychology and/or a career in a Psychology-related field. The program exposes students to the methodologies, problems, bodies of knowledge, and broad range of perspectives currently found in psychology. More about Prep for Success

‘Philosophical Questions and Mysteries’: Meet Our Students

Keene State psychology students are inquisitive, thoughtful, and interested in the “big questions” of what it means to be human. More about ‘Philosophical Questions and Mysteries’: Meet Our Students

‘Get Involved’: Meet Our Alumni

What do Psychology majors do after graduation? Meet Timothy Gann ’04, who’s a cognitive scientist, and Katie Joyce ’13, who’s spending a year working in Keene State’s Aspire program through AmeriCorps VISTA. More about ‘Get Involved’: Meet Our Alumni

Our Faculty Provide a Broad Knowledge Base

Larry Welkowitz

"I see my students; I care about my students."
- Dr. Larry Welkowitz

Teachers in the Psychology Department focus on a wide range of fields from autism to hope to the psychology of prejudice to parent-child relationships and more. More about Our Faculty Provide a Broad Knowledge Base

NeuroLab at Keene State College

The Psychology Department’s NeuroLab in Rhodes Hall provides students with research opportunities in the areas of clinical behavioral science, neurodevelopmental disorders, and neuroscience. It allows ongoing research projects in language and Autism, clinical behavior therapy, and neuropsychology. Students observe and participate in clinical interventions and assist in collection of scientific data. More about NeuroLab at Keene State College


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