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Business Management students

Business Management

Bachelors Degree in Business Management Overview

At Keene State, we challenge you by stimulating your curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Our multidisciplinary approach provides the foundation on which you combine your coursework in the sciences, social sciences, professional studies, arts and humanities.

Business Management Major Specializations


Our Entrepreneurship specialization provides students with practical skills and knowledge that will enable them to take business concepts from the ideation stage through development into preproduction. Our ultimate goal is to enable students to create their own business in an environment where students can become entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurship specialization works collaboratively with many stakeholders, such as our Small Business Development Center, Hannah Grimes, and the Sustainable Product Design and Innovative Program, where students can develop, evaluate, and nurture their business ideas.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management specialization builds the foundation for careers focusing on developing an organization’s most important resource – its people. Students gain insights and knowledge regarding how to attract, retain, and develop talent that creates and supports the vision and values of the organization. Students also explore a variety of related managerial concerns such as individual and group behavior, workforce diversity, managing organizational change, effective communication, and problem solving.


The Marketing specialization involves building the foundations for careers that demand creative decision making, critical analysis, and problem solving in roles that are defined by both the science and art of marketing. In the classroom, students will gain insights and knowledge in the science of marketing focused on engaging with customers to solve problems and form lasting relationships. At the same time, students are provided with guided opportunities to develop the art of marketing by applying the science through real -world class projects where they develop a deeper understanding of the realities of a highly dynamic and demanding marketing environment.

Program Options

Internship and co-operative education opportunities are offered to business management majors in a wide variety of for profit and nonprofit settings. These programs provide part-time and full-time opportunities for students to apply their classroom learning in structured workplace settings. Through participation in these programs, students gain valuable career related work experience while earning college credit. The Business Management Department has ongoing relationships with area employers who are committed to providing interesting and challenging assignments designed to meet the needs of both intern and employer.

Business management programs are enhanced by curricular and co-curricular offerings designed to foster student engagement and reward academic excellence. The Small Business Institute (SBI) and Delta Mu Delta (DMD) give students opportunities to broaden their horizons and deepen their skills.

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In this Section:

As a Business Management majors you obtain the skills required to peruse careers in a variety of private, public, and nonprofit organizations, as well as for graduate study. Opportunities for each specialization include:


  • Self-Employed Entrepreneur
  • Partner in New Start-Up Ventures
  • Franchise Owner

Human Resources Management

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Compensation or Benefit Analyst/Manager


  • Product Manager
  • Market Analyst
  • Research Director

Sports Management

  • Corporate Partnerships Coordination
  • Sport Facility Operations Manager
  • Financial and Contract Analyst

The Keene State College Business Management Department engages future leaders — in business, government, and the nonprofit sector. The program prepares students by providing them with a strong foundation in the liberal arts, along with the management skills required to solve complex problems in an increasingly competitive global environment. Our students develop communication, quantitative, analytical, technical, collaborative, and team-building skills.

Business Management, B.S., Total Credits 120

Core Courses

Introduction to Management

An examination of the principles underlying the management of organizational activities. Management theory and practice including: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling; decision making, motivation, leadership, and communication will be covered. Topics also include: globalization, technology, corporate social responsibility, ethics, conflict management, and organizational change. Fall, Spring.

Managerial Accounting

This course focuses on accounting information used by managers in planning, controlling operations and decision making within organizations. Topics include cost concepts and classifications, cost volume profit analysis, costing systems, and budgeting. Prerequisite: Management majors and minors only, grade C or higher in MGT 213, or permission of instructor. Fall, Spring.

Principles of Marketing

Study of marketing behavior of the firm as it supplies goods and services to consumers and industrial users. Optimal "marketing mix," product design, product line policies, branding, pricing, promotion, consumer behavior, and channels of distribution. Prerequisites: QL course. Fall, Spring.

Business and Society

Advanced study of management philosophy and practice with a focus on the intersection of business and society. The field of business management is explored with respect to its impact on rapidly changing cultural, legal and ecological phenomena. A particular focus is placed on business ethics and current events. Prerequisites: MGT 301 and senior standing, or permission of instructor. Fall, Spring.

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