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Jeff Bradley: ‘Believe You Can Achieve’

Jeff Bradley, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in addictions, is fascinated by the mysteries of the human condition – “what makes people do the things they do, on a conscious and unconscious level,” he says. More specifically, he’s interested in drug and alcohol abuse, the stigma and taboo associated with addictions, and the reasons people search for an altered mind state.

Jeff is active both on campus and in the local community. He has served in student government and as a facilitator of residence hall discussions on an array of topics. He also volunteers with the Keene Housing Authority and the Monadnock Humane Society. He advises incoming students to get involved to get the most out of their education. “I think that with a positive attitude and a genuine interest in wanting to be successful, becoming involved increases your chances tenfold,” he says. “Getting your name out there will help for networking as well as building a great reputation in case you ever need references or to put on different events and gain support from your peers and faculty. I think that also having a strong sense of confidence is vital to your success here at Keene State. If you believe you can achieve, then success you will receive.”

Jeff hopes to work as a substance abuse counselor or a school therapist in a high school setting, and notes that the experiences and education he’s received at Keene State are helping him achieve this goal. “For instance,” he says, “in one of my substance abuse classes, it is mandatory that I attend 12-step meetings. This may seem intimidating at first, but it is an absolutely life-changing experience, especially for someone that is truly interested in the field.”

He credits his teachers with both imparting knowledge and providing support. “Right from day one they are there, coming into different classes, encouraging students to come into offices to build a rapport with them,” he says. “Switching from high-school to college is an incredibly difficult task, with so much change and adjustment; however, with the help and support of faculty everything seems to work out just fine.”