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Mission and Goals

The Keene State College Health Science/Nutrition Option is a developmentally appropriate program preparing individuals to pursue academic excellence, professional endeavors and active citizenship in the field of nutrition and health.

The program provides educational opportunities focused on meeting the nutrition, health and wellness needs of diverse populations. Didactic and engaged learning opportunities in clinical nutrition, foodservice, community nutrition, and health promotion are provided for the pursuit of meaningful work, service and in preparation for becoming a registered dietitian. Program Goals and Objectives

The Health Science/Nutrition Option has established program goals, program outcome measures and student learning outcome measures which are utilized to monitor the effectiveness of the program. Results of all outcome measures are available upon request.

Goal 1 – The program prepares graduates to succeed in dietetic internships and other post baccalaureate educational opportunities such as additional or advanced degrees and certifications.

  • Objective 1A: 95% of students who declare their major as Health Science/Nutrition Option will complete the program within six years.
  • Objective 1B: Over a five-year period, 60% of DPD graduates will apply to supervised practice programs the academic year they complete the program.
  • Objective 1C: Over a 5 year period, 80% of those applying to supervised practice programs the academic year they complete the program will be accepted.
  • Objective 1D: Over a five year period the pass rate for program graduates taking the exam for the first time will be 80%.
  • Objective 1E: Over a five year period the 1 year pass rate for program graduates will be 80%.
  • Objective 1F: Dietetic Internship Directors will rate our graduates a “3” (average) or better on knowledge skills and preparation.
  • Objective 1G: Graduates will rate themselves as “prepared” for their post graduate choice as measured by a score of “3” or better on the graduate survey.

Goal 2 –The program prepares graduates for nutrition and wellness related paid or volunteer work

  • Objective 2A: Upon graduation 70% of students will report having participated in department or campus clubs and/or organizations.
  • Objective 2B: On average, graduates will have participated in service learning experiences at 6 different community sites.
  • Objective 2C: Senior Survey will report that 80% or more of those that are not attending internships or graduate school intend to remain in nutrition or health related field.
  • Objective 2D: 80% of graduates will identify that after graduation they obtained experience (paid or volunteer) in nutrition and wellness practice settings such as dietetic internships, community nutrition/health, food service, clinical, research, medical offices, and insurance companies.

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