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Abby Rosen ’10, Nutrition

Abby Rosen

After stepping foot on the Keene State College campus, exploring the town, and meeting faculty and students, Abby Rosen knew she could make KSC her new home for the next four years. "I knew it was where I wanted to be," she recalls.

In May 2010, after those four years went by, Abby not only graduated from Keene State with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science, she had also completed all prerequisite classes for admission into medical school.

Abby attributes her accomplishments to her professors. "They pushed me beyond my comfort zone and saw the brightest potential in me and every student in the Nutrition Program. They’re perfect examples of how far you can go with your career and the endless opportunities that exist. There is something to say about a college where you really feel like your academic advisors are family. I would not be the person I am, or where I am without them."

Since graduating, Abby has completed a Dietetic Internship program at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, earned her credentials as a Licensed and Registered Dietitian, and is currently working for Sodexo at a 225-bed hospital in Methuen, MA. Abby is the inpatient clinical dietitian responsible for two general medicine/surgical floors, a pediatric floor, two psychiatric units, and coverage for a telemetry and intensive care unit/critical care unit. "One of my goals at the hospital is to provide meaningful personal education to patients with chronic illness to help improve the quality of life and prevent hospital re-admissions," Abby explains.

But that’s not all. Abby also works for an independent Nutrition Consulting company, Healthy Ever After, in Nashua, NH. "I hold the responsibility of community education and one-on-one counseling. This consulting position involves doing presentations on nutrition related topics and individual counseling at businesses across New England.

And lastly, Abby is involved in independent consulting for Hillsborough County Department of Corrections in Manchester, NH, specifically managing the nutritional analysis of the daily menus.

All of Abby’s positions are working toward a single objective. She says, "My goal is to be as diverse as possible while starting my career in order to obtain the most experience. I want to develop a broad range of expertise to allow my career and knowledge to grow exponentially.

"At Keene State, I was given the education and most importantly the hands-on experience that allowed me to grow in the field of nutrition. The dedicated professors, as well as the vast opportunity for experience, helped me succeed. KSC upholds all principles of its mission statement, including providing the perfect environment to think critically and creatively as well as pursuing meaningful work. When you are engaged in your passion, it sets you up to have ultimate success in your career. The collaboration of departments and the unified passion for teaching, learning, scholarship, and service is remarkable. This dedicated, tight knit college community allows each student to flourish. I was able to gain valuable experience as well as give back to the community by volunteering at a local hospital."

Abby’s best advice to anyone considering Keene State is that "college is what you make of it. You need to seize opportunities for success and dedicate time and effort to your own personal growth. Keene State offers the guidance, the support, and the opportunities to establish a concrete foundation of knowledge as well as to become a confident and successful entry level professional. Success is at your fingertips at KSC and all the resources you need are readily available. The community is personal and the relationships and connections you make will last a lifetime. I cannot say enough about the faculty and staff and Keene State. If you’re looking for a supportive, professional, and hands-on learning experience, Keene State is the place for you."