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Tiffani Brooks ’12, Nutrition

When Tiffani Brooks looks back at her time as a Keene State College student and tries to identify her greatest influences, she says it’s tough to decide between her friends and teachers. "My teachers pushed me academically to prepare me for the real world. My friends eased my stress and reminded me that college is fun, as well as challenging."

Currently, Tiffani is a Clinical Diet Tech at Hartford Hospital and IOL (Institute of Living— Hartford Hospitals Mental Hospital), as well as a foodservice unit leader at IOL. "Clinically, I assess patient needs and provide nutritional recommendations. Working as a unit leader, I supervise meal production and resolve any issues that may arise," she explains.

Problem solving, flexibility, and a solid foundation are a few of the tools that Tiffani developed here at Keene State. "The smaller classes within the Health Science field enabled personal growth, with the assistance from professors. This allowed individual needs to be catered to and personal goals to be achieved, which is what happened in my case. I turned to my professors and spoke with them frequently to transform my career goals into a reality."

Everyone’s goals are different, and sometimes we need help bringing them into focus. Tiffani’s advice: "Step out of your comfort zone, and try new things. Push yourself and maximize your Keene State College experience. You are in control. Graduate with no regrets."