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Economics at Keene State College


Finance: The Study of Markets, Investing, and Economic Policy

At Keene State, we’re driven to help you build a future in the financial sector. You’ll build an understanding of the interactions between investments, financial markets and global economic policy that will prime you for success in financial analysis, portfolio management, and data analytics.

Our Finance Program is a tight-knit community where students are introduced to relevant economic and financial theory, the institutional landscape of the financial sector, and develop skills in financial accounting and wealth management.


The Finance Major combines coursework from economics, business management, and mathematics with a focus on practical applications. As a first-year student, majors explore the causes and consequences of economic and financial crises, and how policy-makers respond to these events. In later years, students develop the skills to forecast the fluctuations of financial markets, and harness statistical tools to better manage their own money, and the portfolios of future clients. Requiring only 40 credits to complete, the Finance major can easily be combined with interest in business management, accounting, mathematics, and computer science.

Financial Economics Minor

Fascinated by how wealth accumulates or dissipates? Dive into the ups and downs of markets and institutions that drive the world of finance and the market economy. This track benefits students across the board, as finances are at the core of every budget, whether you’re looking at big business, entrepreneurship, or even personal accounts.

Find Your Potential

Get involved! Attend live speaking events during election years, ask questions in the public arena, organize expert panels on campus, and discuss the most pressing economic and political issues in the classroom. We value your voice! Social justice is a strong focus on campus, and we’re all about raising people up to build confident leaders.

Peer-reviewed articles by our faculty are published regularly, such as the Review of Radical Political Economics, the Journal of Economic Issues, and the Review of Keynesian Economics.

Career Opportunities

Do you love to help people secure financial independence? Watch markets dip and soar in flux? Perform risk management studies? Use today’s advancing technology to number-crunch your future earnings potential. Like what you see and enjoy doing it? Become a portfolio manager, personal financial advisor, economics consultant, actuary, quantitative analyst, statistician, or best of all, an economist. This ever-expanding industry requires professionals with confident communication skills beyond the spreadsheet, which is why a liberal arts economics degree will launch you toward your career goals!

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