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Computer Science Robotics

Computer Science

A degree in Computer Science (CS) provides you with a thorough grounding in a set of core courses in CS and other related areas, followed by the opportunity to hone your Computer Science education in certain areas of interest.

The mandatory core covers essential courses in programming, computer architecture and networking, operating systems, databases, web design and mathematics. When you study Computer Science, you learn to analyze human problems, and develop algorithmic systems that you will use to solve these problems. This makes it a most fascinating and rewarding field.

After studying our core courses, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of upper-level courses in web technology, software development and engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and mobile computing to complete your BA or BS degree.

The Computer Science Department has a committed, competent, experienced team of faculty. Culled from academia and industry, each has their own specializations and interests. And because of this, we foster and promote many partnerships with other disciplines, as well as with area businesses and community organizations.

Keene State was one of the first colleges to develop courses in mobile computer programming. We offer courses in both Android and Apple application development. Students have gone on to successful careers after taking our Java core programming courses coupled our Mobile Computing course. Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics continue to be rapidly expanding areas of CS.  Our AI & Robotics course allows upper-level students to apply their interest and critical skills in this burgeoning field.

Program Options

You may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science. Computer Science also offers students a Minor.

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science provides you with a rigorous curriculum beginning with a thorough grounding in a set of core courses in computer science (CS). You will understudy the three most essential fundamental cores of Computer Science; operating systems, networking and database systems. You will also have the opportunity to gain knowledge in software engineering, artificial intelligence, security systems and data analysis. The anticipated result is you will prepared for your chosen vocation, be it graduate school or employment.

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science provides an introduction to the discipline and an opportunity to integrate Computer Science (CS) with another field. In contrast to the B.S. program, the B.A. requires fewer credits in CS, permitting a you to complete a second major, minor, or courses in another discipline such as Mathematics, Business Management, Data Analytics and Physics; thus it satisfies the needs of students with a combination of interests.

Computer Science Minor

This minor allows non-computer science majors to gain skills important in a modern world abounding in CS-related technologies.


Many students have had successful internships at surrounding local businesses, allowing them to apply their classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. Students have worked with local companies such as C&S Wholesale Grocers, Moore Nanotech Systems, Liberty Mutual Insurance, DYN, Vision Financial, Software Artistry, and Markem-Imaje, to name a few.

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In this Section:

Career opportunities in computer science are abundant, and students who choose to go on to further study are well-prepared by Keene State’s program. A computer science student considering graduate school should confer with a computer science advisor to plan a program to meet the student’s specific needs.

Whether it is web technology, software development and engineering, cybersecurity and forensics, database administration, computer networking, mobile computing, social media, artificial intelligence and robotics or data analytics, computer science touches all other fields. We solve real problems for real people.

The objectives of the CS program at Keene State College are:

  • Students will demonstrate a solid grounding in fundamental computer science concepts, principles, and methodologies.
  • Students will demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in Computer Science, as represented in the areas operating systems, networking and database systems.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to analyze and solve real-world problems by developing algorithmic systems that others will use to solve these problems.

The anticipated result is a set of graduates who are adequately prepared for their chosen vocation, be it graduate school, or employment.

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