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The architecture program at Keene State College is an undergraduate, pre-professional four-year program designed to give students a solid foundation in the artistic, scientific, and technical aspects of architecture. The curriculum offers a range of design studios, and courses in building science, sustainable design, history, digital technology, and practice leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture.

The architecture program’s practical orientation is also connected to a “learning-by-doing” teaching philosophy where courses have been designed to maximize student work on real problems and developing connections with a range of outside professionals. The incorporation of experiential learning in the curriculum helps students learn the skills to become critical thinkers and communicators, conduct research, problem-solve, and create solutions. This problem-based learning approach results both in students becoming more engaged in their learning while gaining experience with collaborative teamwork. In addition, the Bachelor of Science program allows sufficient flexibility for students to not only obtain a broad base of knowledge, but also to supplement their architecture major with additional courses, or a minor, in areas such as art, computer science, environmental studies, and management.

One core value of the architecture program is service learning, which disposes students to become more engaged in serving their communities. As students acquire a solid understanding of artistic and scientific concepts, they are increasingly challenged to progress to more complex problems through a combination of studio, hands-on and real world projects in service to local and regional community organizations. In the advanced courses, students have the opportunity to work on design solutions to real architectural problems including projects such as affordable housing, community and cultural centers, and school buildings. These service learning experiences cultivate in our students an ethic of civic engagement that will continue through their professional careers.

Sustainability is another core value of the architecture program. Required courses build a strong base of knowledge in green architecture, solar energy, sustainable design, and energy efficient systems. Students who are especially interested in sustainability can take electives focusing on advanced study of renewable energy, sustainable practices, and building science. Interested students annually attend the major national professional conferences in building energy and sustainable design, networking with experts and maintaining state-of-the-art knowledge in these rapidly evolving fields.

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Career and Other Opportunities

Graduates in architecture are prepared to pursue graduate study or transition directly into careers in architecture, planning, building science, construction management, environmental design, design-build, or other related professions.


The education of Keene State architecture majors focuses on teaching students to become effective, creative problem solvers with the tools to adapt and evolve their career paths to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

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