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Music Instructor

Posted 2014-01-28
At a Glance –

Live Music Tutor
1170 Tree Swallow Drive, Ste. 333
Winter Springs, Florida

Job Type:
Job (Part-Time)

Job Location:
virtual (Online)

Music Instructor
Music Instructor

Job Description

At Live Music Tutor we are seeking music and technology lovers! A computer, webcam and high-speed internet connection are required for you to teach from your home or studio. All of our instructors are independent contractors so you get to make your own schedule and teach when you want to. Instructor candidates go through a hiring process that includes a background check and company orientation to help you learn how to use our online teaching tools. We also have a customer service team that will help both you and your students have an experience that will exceed your expectations, even if you are new to online education.

If you would like to join our team please fill out the online application form at ( and click on (NEW INSTRUCTORS), then click on (Submit Instructors Application). Once received, one of our recruiters will contact you to confirm the information and speed you through the process. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us at and one of our recruiters will contact you.

Becoming a part of Live Music Tutor will provide:
Flexible hours with unlimited earnings potential
Ability to teach whenever you want
No fees
Access to students from around the world
Virtually all business aspects provided for you, including administration and marketing
Unlimited opportunities for professional growth
Teacher development for advanced learning
Our unique platform will provide the flexibility for instructors to teach either full or part time in a dual-based curriculum geared for students interested in becoming professional musicians or just seeking to learn a song or two. LMT is seeking instructors for beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert level students. Each instructor has a profile on the system that includes their picture and detailed information about their experience and qualifications to help students find the right instructor for their needs.

Students can select the instructor of their choice based on age, musical genre and any instrument or voice. The students can also choose any available time, day or night, and enjoy the lessons within the convenience of their homes. Students (and instructors) earn points for lessons, practicing, viewing videos and uploading their own videos. The points system can help instructors track their students participation and provides a powerful social networking component to encourage more involvement in the world of online music education.

Hours: Part-Time
Type: Job


John Adams

Company Description

We are an online Music Company that connects Music Instructors/Musicians with students to teach them how to play an instrument.

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