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Taking a Different Route to the Future

She took the scenic route to higher education, but Samantha Gaudette doesn’t think she’d do it any other way.

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Promoting Political Discussion and Activism on Campus

As the New Hampshire primary draws closer, presidential candidates aren’t the only ones encouraging voter turnout and promoting issues. Keene State Republican and Democratic Clubs are also doing their part promoting discussion and activism on campus.

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The Intergalactic Nemesis Blasts into the Redfern

Are You Ready for the Adventure? Experience a sci-fi comic book adventure as ‘The Intergalactic Nemesis’ blasts into Keene at the Redfern Arts Center on February 6.

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Student Shares a Tip for Success in College

Journalism student Kendall Pope shares how she and other students got a jump start on their studies – and how she will graduate early – because of a program at Keene State.

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Worldwide Problem, Local Solution

On a service trip to the Dominican Republic, 15 students helped provide simple, affordable water filters to local households – while learning about the critical worldwide problem of lack of access to drinkable water.

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Mister G performs at the Redfern

Come out to the Redfern Arts Center for its third annual February family music show with 2015 Latin GRAMMY Award winner Mister G performing a family music concert on February 27.

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Other Events

Wanted: Your Good Judgment

Please join the open forums with candidates for the position of Director, Alumni & Constituent Engagement.

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Keene State Alumni

Alum Shines as Mechanical Engineer

Meghan Shaw, Raytheon employee and 2015 graduate, reflects on how the knowledge and skills she gained at Keene State play an important role in her successful budding career.

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SPDI at Keene State