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Going Global

Students at Keene State are changing the world – and being changed by it. While in Rwanda on a faculty-led trip, Alex Habibi hiked Mount Kabuye and came across the remains of a civil war command post. Kelly Christianson fasted with her Muslim host family in South Africa. Kya Roumimper and Cameron Haggar planned, organized, and led a service trip to Panama (pictured in the photo at right). After participating in a travel-study course in Ecuador, Leighanna Moore raised money for improvements to a day care center in that country.

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Building Healthcare in Rwanda

Thanks to the efforts and support of a number of campus and community groups, several events will take place on campus and in Keene in early November to raise awareness of health and human rights issues in Rwanda and support building a health clinic there.

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Learning, Around the World

“You can’t help but be challenged” says Associate Professor Robert Kostick about international study – a requirement of the Morris-August Honors Program, which Kostick directs.

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The Morris-August Honors Program

Matt McDougal – Theater & Dance – “From teaching a literature to performing it"

Matt McDougal was going to be an English Education major at Keene State. He knew that was what he wanted to do in life; until he took a part in a theater production during his freshman year. With a little nudging from Theater and Dance faculty, Matt allowed himself to be taken from teaching literature to performing it.

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Interdisciplinary Research Teams Study Biodiesel

In every obvious way, biodiesel is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum diesel. However, KSC Environmental Studies researchers have found that there's a difference in the chemical composition of biodiesel and diesel exhaust particulates. An NIH-funded study drawing in student researchers from Environmental Studies, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics is determining whether or not those biodiesel particulates present a health risk.

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The Phantom of the Opera

Come in costume for a Halloween screening of the silent film classic “The Phantom of the Opera” accompanied by the live, original music of Alloy Orchestra on Friday, October 31.

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Other KSC Events

Dylan's "Basement Tapes" Resurface

Get ready for Bob Dylan’s underground "Basement Tapes" to resurface at the Redfern Arts Center with acclaimed musician Howard Fishman and his band on November 5.

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The Redfern Arts Center

"Embracing Diverse Voices" Exhibit

The Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery provides an exploration of the diversity of experience and artistic expression among American artists of African descent.

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Other Events at KSC