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Campus Ambassador

Posted 2013-12-13
At a Glance –

Runa Tea
33 Flatbush Avenue, Suite 505
Brooklyn, New York

Job Type:
Job (Part-Time)

Job Location:
Keene, New Hampshire

Job Description

Job Description:

Campus Ambassadors will work directly with the Program Coordinator in Brooklyn to organize campus events, demos, and sales opportunities. Youll do at least one demo per month (getting your peers on campus to try Runa), coordinate your efforts with on-campus groups, get weekly tasks and challenges, and work at events that you arrange for Runa to sponsor. The more time you commit, the more of a presence Runa will have on your campus and the more likely youll be to win a trip to the Amazon or other great prizes!

? Ability to enthusiastically communicate about our tea products to your college campus
? Outgoing personality
? Organizational skills and responsibility
? Interest in social entrepreneurship and the workings of a small business
? Creative ability
? Basic knowledge of Google and simple cloud applications (Google docs, Dropbox)
? Though not a requirement, experience in marketing and sales is helpful

Application Process:

To apply, follow these instructions to create and submit a video cover letter:

Please make a 2 to 3 minute video (no longer) responding to the following prompts:
? Briefly introduce yourself (name, where you attend college, major)
? Describe yourself and your personality (what makes you unique, how do other people describe your key traits and attributes)
? Mention why youre interested in working with Runa and what qualifies you to become an ambassador.
? Give us an overview of your involvement and knowledge of campus; what groups (provide a few examples) could help promote Runa and expand your reach?

You can post it to YouTube if you want to make it private, grant viewing permission to and You can also use yousendit or Dropbox to share the video.

Once youve created your video, send an email with your attached resume and the link to download or view your video cover letter to and Feel free to send any questions relating to the application process to Corey, as well.


You will receive a monthly stipend of $100, which covers your baseline employment and comes with an expectation of about 10 hours of work per month. You will receive additional pay on a per-event basis when you work longer events. There is also an incentive program, which includes the possibility of winning gift cards or even a trip to Ecuador! Continued employment is dependent upon your completion of each months responsibilities.

Hours: Part-Time
Type: Job


Corey Scult

Company Description

Runa is a young Brooklyn-based company that sells beverages made from Fair Trade guayusa (gwhy-you-sa), a superleaf native to the Ecuadorian Amazon. Guayusa is naturally packed with caffeine and antioxidants, so it provides you with the Clean Energy you need to do the things you love. For Runa, Clean Energy means three things: pure ingredients, functional and focused energy, and ecologically sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Success for Runa means improved livelihoods for thousands of farmers in Ecuador. At Runa, we are proud not only of the smooth taste and uplifting effects of our beverage, but also of the positive social and environmental impact that our business has in the Amazon.

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