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Thank You Notes

The thank you note is the most overlooked correspondence when applying for a position. It can make the difference in a hiring decision. If well-written, the thank you note is a wonderful way to stay connected to the interviewer and remind them how much you have to offer and how interested you are in their job.

A thank you note can serve many purposes:

  • to acknowledge the interviewer’s time in considering you
  • to highlight something from the conversation that you learned or to express enthusiasm for the position
  • to supply information you promised in the interview
  • to say something you neglected to say in the interview or to clarify/elaborate on a question brought up in the interview
Basic Rules about Content and Format
  1. Thank You notes should be sent to each person who interviews you. If you have met several people, you can either write each person (if you have names, titles, etc.) or write the search committee chair.
  2. Be certain to have the correct name and address for the recipient. Remember that spelling and grammar count. If you did not get a business card from the interviewer, call the organization (or check the website) to get the proper spelling and title.
  3. Thank you notes should be sent within a day or two of the interview.
  4. A thank you note can be sent by email or mail.
  5. Note paper can be purchased at most stationary stores. Use “Thank You Notes” that have Thank You printed on the front flap or those that are blank. Do not use note paper that has flowers or animals, etc. printed on the front flap. Remember, the person who you are writing to is not your friend but is an employer.
  6. Thank the person for his time and interest in interviewing you for the position. Mention something very specific that came up in your meeting so that the Interviewer knows that you paid attention and will more easily remember your conversation. Then be certain to thank them again for their time and interest.
  7. Keep it short. A thank you note should be just a few well-written sentences.
Sample Thank You Letter

Written on lower half of note paper, if emailing, use the same format and write “Thank You” in the subject line.

October 1, 2010

Dear Mr. Jones,

Thank you so much for meeting with me earlier today to discuss the job of Junior Editor at The New York Times. Your description of the newsroom and the hectic pace of deadline driven schedules reinforced my interest in the job. As you may remember, I especially enjoy fast-paced environments and pressure to complete the job.

Should you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again for your time and interest.

Jane Doe

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