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Graduate School

Academic and Career Advising assists students in planning for graduate school. Ideally, graduate school planning should begin early in a student's college career to assure that prerequisite courses are taken and that students are well-prepared for admissions examinations. Graduate school applicants are advised to work closely with faculty in the discipline of intended study and with an Academic and Career advisor to insure that applications, essays, and recommendations are appropriate and as well presented as possible.

Exploring the Possibilities

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether or when to attend graduate school, such as defining your goals, determining the type of advanced degree that is right for you, and identifying the program that best fits your objectives.

Financing Grad School

There are many strategies and resources that you can use to help finance your advanced degree. Explore as many opportunities as possible to help place your Graduate School experience on a solid financial foundation.

Application and Admissions

Before you apply to a graduate program there are important questions to ask yourself that might affect your decision and your success. Each university and graduate program establishes its own admissions deadlines and requirements, so it is important to research all of the necessary requirements well in advance of these deadlines. Be prepared!

Graduate Record Exams

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) consists of a general exam designed to measure certain developed verbal, quantitative and analytical abilities, and subject tests designed to measure content knowledge. It is frequently used by graduate programs as one of several means of evaluating applicants.


There are many excellent online resources that can help you with your exploration of Graduate School and what is the right path for you to follow.

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