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Keene State College has no formal relationship or agreement with any employers or programs advertised or posted here, nor does it have any supervisory or administrative role. Keene State College does not review nor render an opinion to the quality or safety of positions and in no way represents or acts as agent for any employer. Students assume all responsibility to research and become informed about posted positions and corresponding employers. Keene State College assumes no liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or illness as a result of finding a position listed.

Factors to consider:
  • Type of position
  • The industry
  • Geographic location
  • The size of the company
Online Resources:


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Sciences & Social Sciences

Graduate and Professional Studies

Locate Job Openings:

Network in person and online:

  • Speak with friends, family, classmates and co-workers about possible positions
  • Contact KSC’s Office of Alumni and Parent Relations
  • Join professional associations
  • Use social media: LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter

Find online job postings:

  • Join groups on social media sites that provide job listings
  • Websites for professional organizations


Attend career related events such as Career and Internship Fairs and the Jobs That Make a Difference Panel Discussion

Research Companies:

Before applying for a job, you should know something about the organization/company. Your research will be useful in writing a resume and cover letter targeted to a specific position. It will also help you to prepare for interviews and learn what organizations/companies value in an employee.

Be Organized and Persistent
  • Create a system that records materials sent (resume, cover letter, references, work samples, etc.)
  • Rename your resume and cover letter for each job you apply to. You don’t want to send the wrong materials to an organization/company!
  • This takes time! Don’t get discouraged. Schedule an appointment with a career advisor if you are not getting any responses.

Contact Academic and Career Advising

Academic and Career Advising Office
Elliot Center
229 Main Street
Keene, New Hampshire 03435

Upcoming Events
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