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Susquehanna Univ

KSC recognizes transferable credit for 12 courses at Susquehanna Univ.

Transfer courses are evaluated in one of two ways, either they are equivalent to a specific course at Keene State College, or they are accepted as general equivalencies. Academic departments have the final say as to acceptance of credits you wish to apply toward major degree requirements and can help you determine the acceptability of your courses.

Don't see your courses below? Keene State may still recognize your credits – email us or call 603-358-2500 to speak with an academic advisor.

Course Credits Equivalent
ANTH 162
Cultural Anthropology
4.00 ISANTH-110
Cultural Anthropology
ARTG 251
Computer App in Graphic Design
4.00 Art
ARTS 243
Digital Photography
4.00 Art
COMM 192
Public Speaking
4.00 IHCOMM-171
Public Speaking
ENGL 100
Writing & Thinking
4.00 ITW-101
Thinking and Writing
HIST 132
Europe 1648 - Present
4.00 IH History
MATH 108
Introduction to Statistics
4.00 MATH-141
Introductory Statistics
PRDV 104
2.00 Elective
PSYC 101
Principles of Psychology
4.00 PSYC-101
General Psychology
SPAN 103
Intro College Spanish I
4.00 IHSP-101
Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 104
Intro to College Spanish II
4.00 IHSP-102
Elementary Spanish II
WMST 100
Intro Women's Studies
4.00 II Women's and Gender Studies
Additional Options

Contact Academic and Career Advising

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Elliot Center
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