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SUNY Stony Brook

KSC recognizes transferable credit for 23 courses at SUNY Stony Brook.

Transfer courses are evaluated in one of two ways, either they are equivalent to a specific course at Keene State College, or they are accepted as general equivalencies. Academic departments have the final say as to acceptance of credits you wish to apply toward major degree requirements and can help you determine the acceptability of your courses.

Don't see your courses below? Keene State may still recognize your credits – email us or call 603-358-2500 to speak with an academic advisor.

Course Credits Equivalent
AMS 102
Elements of Statisti
3.00 MATH-141
Introductory Statistics
ANT 295
Sex & Human Nature
3.00 Anthropology
CHE 131
General Chemistry IB
4.00 INCHEM-111
General Chemistry I
CLT 220
Chines Literature
3.00 English
EGC 101
Writing Workshop
3.00 ENG-101
Essay Writing
EGL 204
Literary Analysis
3.00 English
EGL 340
3.00 English
EGL 375
Novels Into Movies
3.00 English
GER 111
Elem German I
4.00 GER-101
Elementary German I
GER 112
Elem German II
4.00 GER-102
Elementary German II
HIS 103
Amer History to 1877
3.00 HIST-161
Topics in United States History I
HUM 202
Film & TV Studies II
3.00 Film Studies
MAT 131
Calculus I
4.00 MATH-151
Calculus I
MUS 105
Musics of the Wrld I
3.00 Music
MUS 304
Contemp Trad US Mus 1900-Pres
3.00 Music
MUS 310
Music & Cultr in 60S
3.00 Music
PHI 104
Moral Reasoning
3.00 Philosophy
PHI 220
Intro to Symbolic Logic
3.00 PHIL-100
Logical Argumentation
PSY 103
Intro to Psychology
3.00 PSYC-101
General Psychology
PSY 346
Health Psychology
3.00 Psychology
SOC 105
Struct/Method of Soc
3.00 Sociology
SOC 204
Intimate Relationships
3.00 Sociology
WST 247
Sociology of Gender
3.00 Sociology
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Contact Academic and Career Advising

Academic and Career Advising Office
Elliot Center
229 Main Street
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