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Univ Central Florida

KSC recognizes transferable credit for 19 courses at Univ Central Florida.

Transfer courses are evaluated in one of two ways, either they are equivalent to a specific course at Keene State College, or they are accepted as general equivalencies. Academic departments have the final say as to acceptance of credits you wish to apply toward major degree requirements and can help you determine the acceptability of your courses.

Don't see your courses below? Keene State may still recognize your credits – email us or call 603-358-2500 to speak with an academic advisor.

Course Credits Equivalent
ASL 2140
Intro to Amer Sign Language
4.00 Education/Sped - EDSP
CGS 1060
Intro Comp Sci
3.00 Computer Science
EDF 2005
Intro to Ed
3.00 Education - ESEC
ENC 1101
Composition I
3.00 ENG-101
Essay Writing
ENC 1102
Composition II
3.00 IH English
FIL 2400
Hist Motion Pic
3.00 Film Studies
GEB 1930
St Freshmn Succes
1.00 Elective
GLY 1030
Geol & Its Applic
3.00 Geology
HBR 1120
Ele Mod Hebrew Lang & Cult I
4.00 IH Hebrew
IDS 1040
Foundations of Leadership
2.00 Elective
JST 3751
Literature of Holocaust
3.00 IH English
MAC 1105
College Algebra
3.00 Mathematics
MGF 1106
Finite Math
3.00 Mathematics
POS 2041
Amer Natl Governm
3.00 Political Science
POT 3302
Modern Ideologies
3.00 Political Science
PSY 2013
Gen Psychology 1
3.00 PSYC-101
General Psychology
PSY 2112
General Psychology
3.00 PSYC-101
General Psychology
SYG 2000
Gen Sociology
3.00 SOC-201
Introductory Sociology
TSL 4080
Thry & Pr Teach Esol Stu Schls
3.00 Education - EDUC
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