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NetID Password Policy

KSC NetID’s allow access to campus owned computers and all KSC resources. New students and employees claim their NetID through their “Welcome to Keene State College” email that was sent to an alternative email account. During this process, email address information is provided, how to setup a password, and enrollment in the Password Reset Service.

KSC NetID’s provide access to faculty/staff and students to KSC owned computers and all technology resources including:

  • MyKSC
  • Canvas
  • Residential Life and Housing
  • Health Services forms
  • KSC Wireless Network
  • Outlook Web Access

Changing NetID Password

The IT Group recommendations students create a new, complex password every semester. Faculty/Staff are required to change every six months.

Self-Service Password Reset allows faculty/staff and students to change their NetID password from any web enabled computer.

Go to the Self-Service Password Reset web site to change KSC NetID.

When using the same password for each account it is VERY IMPORTANT to create a strong, complex password.

Complex Passwords are difficult to guess and are difficult to crack using widely available software. Here are a few techniques to build a strong password:

  • A new password:

  • Can be between 14-64 characters in length.

  • Can include any and all keyboard characters, for example: !~ % ^ + * and numbers.

  • Can include spaces

  • Cannot include your NetID.

  • Cannot include your first or last name.

  • Cannot use sequences such as: 1234 or abcd.

  • Cannot be similar to previously used passwords.

  • Cannot be similar to your current password.

Here are some additional tips for building a strong and memorable password:

  • Think in terms of using a series of unusual words to build a memorable nonsense phrase or sentence. Using upper and lower case letters, symbols, numbers and spaces makes it even stronger.
  • Think of a favorite music lyric and add a few of the following to make it stronger: upper and lower case letters, symbols, numbers or spaces.

Your account/password is your responsibility, and any activity performed while you or someone else has logged in with them is considered your responsibility.

About this Policy

NetID Password Policy
Ownership: Information Technology
Last Modified: Nov 20, 2019 –
Categories: IT
For questions regarding this policy, please contact the policy owner.
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