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KSC Policy: Disposal and/or Disposition of KSC Technology Assets

Policy Approved: 2005

Technology assets which may have personal and institutional sensitive data on them are not available for selling, donating and/or destroying by recycling. Due to institutional risk, KSC requires total destruction of data on the technology assets and transfers ownership and liability to federally approved recyclers of such equipment. KSC contracts with a recycling firm which provides us with a US Department of Defense standard for erasing data and removal of the equipment. For the purpose of this policy, KSC technology assets covered under this policy include; workstations, printers, routers, servers, switches, firewalls or other simple network devices.

About this Policy

Disposal and/or Disposition of KSC Technology Assets
Ownership: Information Technology
Last Modified: Oct 30, 2017 –
Categories: IT
For questions regarding this policy, please contact the policy owner.
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