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Dietetic Internship

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Program Overview

Whether your goals for a career as a Registered Dietitian veer a bit off the conventional path or you hope to land a traditional position in clinical nutrition, the Keene State College Dietetic Internship may be for you. Our graduates hold jobs in hospitals and institutional food service, with the WIC program and Cooperative Extension, managing a farmers’ market, in private practice, and more. More about Program Overview

Second Round Match
Thank you for your interest in second round match. We have filled our local track but you are welcome to apply to our distance clinical track.

Please Note: The Keene State College Dietetic Internship is NOT a Distance Internship. The distance clinical track includes a distance placement for the clinical rotation only.

If you are interested in the second round selection process, please submit your application to DICAS, mail us your application fee and supplemental application form (no portfolio necessary). Review the additional requirements and forms on the distance clinical page on this website.

Mission and Goals

We Have Big Plans for Our Interns — What do we hope to accomplish in the Dietetic Internship, and what would we like interns to be prepared to take on after graduation? The program has specific vision and mission statements as well as clear program goals and learning objectives. More about Mission and Goals

The Program

Interns come either full time for 11 months to a year, or part time for 12 to 18 months, and complete a number of rotations at clinical and community sites, along with graduate-level coursework. More about The Program

Distance Clinical

Each year, we admit six distance clinical interns who complete most of their rotations in the Keene area, but return to their hometowns or another area of their choice for the clinical rotation. More about Distance Clinical

Program Costs

The Scoop on Tuition, Graduate Courses, Financial Aid, Housing, Transportation and lots more. More about Program Costs

Our Staff & Faculty

The staff members at the Dietetic Internship program have real-life experience as dietitians and are skilled educators and coordinators. More about Our Staff & Faculty

Our Alumni

Keene State Dietetic Internship graduates can be found across the country, working at a variety of venues and in a variety of dietetics fields, with a common focus of helping people lead healthier lives through improved nutrition.

Application Process

Do you have an interest in community nutrition, public health, and/or education? If so, you may be the kind of applicant we’re seeking. More about Application Process


Check this list for frequently asked questions, and if you don’t find the information you need, contact us! More about F.A.Q.

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Dietetic Internship
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