About the Redfern Arts Center

The Arts Center is named in honor of Dr. Leo F. Redfern, Keene State College President from 1969 to 1979 for his vision, commitment, and eloquence on behalf of the arts that made funding and construction of the facility a reality. In 1981, KSC inaugurated this new performing arts center, with the goal of providing unforgettable artistic encounters for the campus and community. Now in its 40th year, the Redfern Arts Center has reaffirmed its mission and values.

As an academic center, we champion artistic practice as a catalyst for learning. Our cultural offerings complement the values and mission of Keene State College, with a dedication to creative placemaking in the Monadnock region. In an exciting professional environment, we nurture multidisciplinary engagement to prepare students as future artistic leaders. The Redfern provides pathways to build community, challenge stereotypes, champion equality, and celebrate our diverse society.

Theatre Overview & Technical Information

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Redfern Arts Center at Keene State values diversity in the Arts through the celebration of unique perspectives and lived experiences of our guest artists. We strive to include fresh cultural perspectives in our student curriculum and in all performances. A commitment to diversity can be seen every day in our programing, whether we are hosting a music, theatre, dance, film, or multimedia event. Our commitment to DEIB initiatives is intimately connected with our priorities of bringing excellence to campus so our students can experience the most dedicated artists in their craft. This leads to maximizing student success and engagement between our College and the Redfern Arts Center, and we continue to work in these areas to bring the best and brightest artists to Keene State.

For more information on Keene State’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging initiatives, click here.


The Redfern Arts Center collaborates with students, faculty, staff, artists, and the community to spark creative exchange that inspires culturally rich engagement with the performing arts.

From our multi-venue home at Keene State College, we:

  • Strengthen the student experience through diversified programming, artistic residencies, and creative scholarship that enriches the performing arts curriculum.
  • Produce, present, and support a range of performances and cultural offerings. Collaborate as active Keene State citizens to promote and facilitate access to the Redfern.


  • Creative Exchange:

    We believe creativity is a critical component of a balanced and rich life.
    We know artistic engagement and creative exchange give rise to a balance of body, mind, and character that emphasizes mutual responsibility for community and shared lives.

  • Academic Engagement:

    We commit to the Keene State College Student Learning Outcomes.
    We value and support the performing arts curriculum to cultivate an artistic lens that brings our ever-changing world into focus.

  • Collaboration:

    We believe in the power of working together.
    We see collaboration as a conduit to creativity in fostering respectful interaction, responsibility, commitment to inclusion, deep listening, and appreciation of diversity in all forms.

  • Public-Spiritedness:

    We are steadfast in the belief that the arts serve communities.
    We maintain the arts as an essential part of the health and well-being of all communities in their ability to champion human dignity, celebrate life’s wonders, and provide a roadmap to a hopeful future.

  • Accountability:

    We believe in transparency, resource sharing, and fiscal responsibility as integral to innovation and community building.
    We commit to the students, faculty, staff, and community to demonstrate leadership in our role of creative placemaking in the Monadnock region.