Contact Us

For external rental requests, on-campus scheduling, technical production and facility for the Redfern Arts Center please contact Jeremy Robarge at 603-358-2126

For marketing, and business office concerns, please contact Sharon Fantl at 603-358-2167

For questions about Redfern events and tickets please contact Hannah Scheck at 603-358-2170 or our Box Office number at 603-358-2168

Redfern Arts Center Staff

THEATRE OPERATIONS MANAGER: Jeremy Robarge, 603-358-2126,

MARKETING: Sharon Fantl, 603-358-2167,

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Alex Trombly, 603-358-2174,

BOX OFFICE MANAGER: Hannah Scheck, 603-358-2170,

FRONT OF HOUSE MANAGER: Lara Shields, 603-358-2175,