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For questions about tickets please contact the Redfern Box Office at 603-358-2168 or visit us in person Monday–Friday from 12–3pm. The Box Office is also open two hours prior to ticketed events.

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Welcome to the Redfern Arts Center!

After a whirlwind 2021-22 season, some of which was in-person and some virtual, we are re-centering our attention. Our focus this season and our vision for the future is to continue to offer excellent, accessible, and diverse programming in the Arts across multiple genres. This year will feature local and international dancers, musicians, actors, cinematographers, activists, storytellers, historians, and educators coming to Keene to offer fresh perspectives on all forms of art.

In the demands of a busy semester, we at the Redfern are taking a moment to envision what is possible in leading collaborations with the College and the Keene community. We see our role at the Redfern as leading transformational change through connections between global artists and our local communities. This season offers pathways not only to entertainment in the Arts, but to education, informed viewings, and deep conversations about where Art’s place is in today’s complex world. Simply put, we need art more than ever. We remain sustainable and impactful through engaged participation, and together we can create unique, one-of-a-kind experiences in-person and in-community.

At the Redfern, we continue to carve our place in the Arts landscape of the Monadnock region, and are focusing on diversity and excellent programming, meaningful engagement, and our commitment to Arts education. As Jasmine D. Parker stated in Transforming Community and Ourselves through Heart and Mind Work, “Too often, as individuals and as institutions, we fail to ask the critical questions about how lived experiences, perspectives, values, and ideals shape organizational culture. Yet, these perspectives must be purposefully considered if we are to develop inclusive learning communities.”

The Redfern offers a place to come together and invest our time and energy through play and dialogue. We hope you’ll join us for a robust, enriching 22-23 season!

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