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Handicapped / Accessibility Needs

Graduates 2012

Commencement events are held in wheelchair-accessible facilities; however, the College does not provide wheelchairs. Emergency medical services will be available on Appian Way.

Rest rooms are located in Rhodes Hall, Morrison Hall, Parker Hall, the Student Center, and the Zorn Dining Commons. All buildings are located along Appian Way.

Handicapped parking is available in the Science Center and Fiske lots, both off Winchester Street, for vehicles with state-issued handicapped placards or plates only. A drop-off area is available at the Fiske lot.

Handicapped seating is available; please refer to the seating plan. To maximize available seating, one escort may accompany each guest needing the handicap seating accommodation. The quad is wheelchair-accessible; therefore, we do not reserve seats.

For accommodations such as a large-print program or an interpreter for the hearing impaired, please contact the Coordinator of College Ceremonies and Events.

Understandably grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles are overjoyed at the college graduation of their loved one. In case of inclement weather please be thoughtful about having your elderly guests in attendance. KSC does provide indoor viewing options, rain or shine, in case of cold temperatures or steady rain those venues can fill to capacity quickly. Seating is not guaranteed and wet surfaces and unfamiliar surroundings can be unsettling for older guests. We do provide a live stream of the ceremony via the internet and in the case of poor weather conditions your elderly guests might be most comfortable and safe watching from the security of their own home.