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Student Services

Alumni and Parent Relations

The Alumni and Parent Relations office provides resources, information and networking opportunities for students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents. Programs include career support services for students and alumni, volunteer opportunities linking alumni and students and foster community connections. Programs are conducted throughout the year on and off campus and include Parent & Family Weekend, Alumni Fall Festival Homecoming, Alumni Winter Carnival and Reunion. More information can be found at each respective website: and

Child Development Center

The Child Development Center is a demonstration early childhood education facility for Keene State College students, practicing professionals, and children and their families. The Center strives to model best practices by offering nurturing environments where young children are encouraged to explore, to be creative, to cultivate positive relationships, to experience the joy of learning, and to develop a sense of community. The Child Development Center accepts applications at any time from parents. Preference is given to current CDC families and Keene State College faculty, staff, and students.

Counseling Center

(Third floor, Elliot Center) Our philosophy at the Counseling Center is that a student’s personal growth and success is as important as their academic growth and success. As a resource to students, the Center offers a wide range of support services including evaluation, short-term individual and group counseling, consultation, off-campus referrals, psychiatric medication, a self-help resource library, and an after-hour emergency counselor hotline. Additionally, the Center provides a variety of services, such as small-group workshops and community-based programming, designed to prevent personal challenges and enhance the overall well-being of the members of our campus community. It is important to highlight that the Center has a strict confidentiality policy and will not release any information to the College or to any other person regarding our contact with a student without permission from the student except in a serious emergency. We look forward to supporting your success at the College.

Dean of Students Office

(Third floor, Elliot Center) The Dean of Students Office, third floor, Elliot Center, is the central coordination point for student concerns on campus. The Dean coordinates a variety of services for students including advocacy for the resolution of student problems and coordination of the leave of absence and withdrawal process.

Disability Services

(First floor, Elliot Center) The Office of Disability Services (ODS) coordinates academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities and provides accommodations such as alternative testing, readers, scribes, note takers, texts in alternative forms, and assistive technology resources. In order to establish eligibility, students must provide documentation of their disability and meet with a counselor.

The Elliot Center

The Elliot Center is a collection of student service offices designed specifically provide a central location to address a broad set of student needs.

Global Education Office

(Third floor, Elliot Center) The Global Education Office (GEO) serves as the campus hub for global academic experiences at Keene State College, providing information and support for incoming international and national exchange students, outgoing study abroad/study away students, and faculty led international courses. Open all year, the GEO office staff are available to students wanting to learn more about international study opportunities and to support international students on campus in the areas of cross cultural adjustment, visa, and initial orientation. The GEO office sponsors the International Friends Club for international students and the Ambassador program for returning study away students. It sponsors a study away photo contest and study away fair each semester.

Graduate Studies in Education

(First floor, Elliot Center) Students can become a classroom teacher, advanced special educator, school counselor, or principal with assistance from the experienced faculty and friendly staff of the Graduate Program at Keene State College. The examination of life experience, interests and personal goals help faculty and staff provide students with individualized advising and support to help them select the most appropriate academic program. All programs require immersion in field-based experiential education and full documentation and demonstration of ability to address a wide range of State and National professional competencies. The Master of Education degree and Post- Baccalaureate program offers a structure that encourages students to develop their deeper purpose and potential to help others in order to build a better future

Health Services

(Third floor Elliot Center) The pCenter for Health and Wellness](/chw/) is committed to providing quality health care rooted in the Holistic Model of health and wellness. The Center staff all work collaboratively to ensure that students are provided with clinical and educational services they need. The Center works daily with the Counseling Center and the Office of Disability Services to ensure that students needs are met.


(First floor, Elliot Center) The Registrar’s Office maintains and verifies academic records for all students and issues transcripts for students taking credit courses at KSC. The office is responsible for:

Student Financial Services

(First floor, Elliot Center) Student Financial Services administers and processes all types of financial assistance and billing functions. SFS generates billing statements, accepts fee payments, processes payment plans, awards financial aid, authorizes the on-campus employment programs (College Work-Study and Student Hourly), distributes student paychecks, and counsels students concerning financial matters.

Information Technology Group

(Second floor, Elliot Center The Information Technology (IT) Group provides a wide range of technology services and support for the students, staff, and faculty of Keene State College. KSC students use information technology to complete the requirements of their coursework, to access class lectures and syllabi, to carry out research, and to communicate electronically. All students are provided with a MyKSC account, a Blackboard account, KSC McAfee anti-virus software and anti-spyware, and software to register on the KSC network. Students also have access to HelpDesk support, LAN/WAN and Internet connections, and public computing facilities. Read a more detailed overview of the services and support IT provides to students as well as the responsibilities and expectations of students using IT resources.

Mail Services

(Second floor, Young Student Center) All students who live on campus are assigned a mailbox located on the second floor of the Young Student Center. To ensure accurate and timely delivery of mail and parcels, Mail Services requests that students use their box number on all correspondence, and when opening a bank or credit card account. While you are a resident student at KSC, you should write your address in the following format:


The KSC zip code is 03435 and the last four digits are the number of your assigned mailbox. You keep the same mailbox for as long as you live on campus. Commuter students who wish to rent mailboxes should inquire at Mail Services.

Veterans Services

(Registrar’s Office, first floor Elliot Center) The Registrar’s Office Veteran’s Certifying Official accepts paperwork to assist students in receiving their VA educational assistance entitlement. Enrollment certifications are completed by this office and reported to the appropriate VA regional office (Buffalo, NY). You may contact the Certifying Official Debby Clark if you have any questions.

Special arrangements can be made for any student eligible for VA education benefits. The student may borrow the necessary amount to pay his/her account through a low-interest, short-term student loan each semester, with repayment budgeted monthly from benefits. Such an arrangement can be made only by means of a personal interview with a financial aid officer. Contact the Office of Student Financial Services for assistance, on the first floor of the Elliot Center, 358-2280.

Upward Bound

Upward Bound prepares high school students for college. The six-week summer residential program offers high school students intensive academic classes and cultural and social activities on the Keene State campus. The program employs Keene State juniors and seniors interested in gaining experience and/or credit in education, counseling, or psychology. For information, call 358-2360

Campus Life

Community Service

(3rd floor Young Student Center) The Community Service Office serves as a link between the College community and the community service organizations in the Monadnock region and assists students in gaining practical experience by connecting them to volunteer opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

Greek Life

(Young Student Center) Greek life provides student an enhanced college experience through leadership opportunities, social interactions, working together towards a common goal, and building life-long relationships. Greek life also offers students opportunities to develop academically, personal rewards through community service and outreach, and a sense of responsibility.

Leadership Development

(Young Student Center) Cultivating the leadership skills that will transfer into life after Keene State is a very important facet of being involved in student organizations and activities. The Student Center offers many different ways to become involved and gain valuable leadership experience.

Recreation Center/Spaulding Gym

The mission of Recreational Sports is to plan, organize and direct a sports and fitness program which is broad in nature and will appeal to diverse interests and skill levels. The program includes intramural sports, club sports, group fitness classes, BodyWorks fitness center, open recreation, informal instruction and special events. The focus is on fitness, wellness and the development of healthy lifestyles.

The goals of the program are based on the expectation of improved physical health and vitality, as well as enhancement of academic and workplace productivity that result from regular physical activity. Full-time and part-time matriculated students at KSC gain access to the Recreation Center and all Recreational Sports programs through payment of their student fees.

Visit the Recreational Sports web site for more information about the programs offered, policies, and hours.


Keene State supports opportunities and actively assists students in developing specific areas of interest. There are recognized student organizations which have a spiritual/religious emphasis. If you have an interest in developing a student organization with a spiritual emphasis that is not represented, contact the Student Center Activities Office at 358-2642.

A privately supported Protestant minister and Catholic Newman Center Director are available to serve Keene State College students. The Newman Center, 358-1000, offers programs and services and is located adjacent to St. Bernard’s Church, 173 Main Street. The Campus Ministry House, 51 Blake Street, is staffed by a campus minister who works with the guidance of the Campus Ministry Board of Directors, and fosters interdenominational and interfaith perspective and cooperation. Campus Ministry can be reached at 358-2403.

Student Activities and Organizations

(Second floor, Young Student Center) Keene State College supports over 100 student organizations of all types and sizes to choose from. Being active in a student organization has been shown to help students develop personally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. Students who become involved in organizations are more likely to continue through graduation because they are able to develop ties and friendships that help them “anchor” to the campus. Being involved also enhances future career opportunities through skill and leadership development.

Student Center

The Lloyd P. Young Student Center at Keene State College is the community center of the campus, a gathering place for all members of the College family of students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni as well as guests from the wider Keene community.

As the “living room” or “hearthstone” of the College, the Center provides the services, conveniences, and amenities needed by members of the College family for their daily campus lives and for getting to know and understand one another through informal association outside the classroom.

Student Government

Students assume basic responsibility for co-curricular activity through the Student Assembly, which legislates matters of policy and finance. Representatives to the Student Assembly come from the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Non-traditional students have five representatives as well. Assembly members are elected each spring from which the leadership is then elected.

Assembly members serve on the following committees: Finance, Elections, and Constitution. Representatives from Assembly also serve on the Student Center Advisory Board and the following committees of the College Senate: Judiciary, College Wellness, Curriculum, and Academic Standards.



Thousands of bank cards are accepted at the Student Center’s Bank of New Hampshire ATM. Whether you bank in New England or New Zealand, you can get the cash you need because Bank of New Hampshire is a member of the NYCE, CIRRUS, and PLUS networks.


(First floor Young Student Center) The Bookstore sells notebooks, school supplies, and clothing with the Keene State College imprint, as well as other sundries. Checks for the amount of purchase as well as Visa, Discover, and MasterCard are accepted. Purchase, rent, or view textbooks and other items for sale on the Bookstore web site. Also be sure to visit the KSC Owl’s Roost for daily newspapers, magazines, snacks, ice cream, cold drinks, juices, cough and cold remedies, and other personal items.

Computer Connections

(KSC Bookstore, first floor Young Student Center) Computer Connections is the place to purchase computers, accessories, and software. This equipment is specially priced and specifically for the Keene State computing environment. For additional details visit the Computer Connections web site for details.

Direct Deposit of Paychecks

Electronic direct deposit of paychecks is available to all students working on campus. Paychecks can be deposited into any bank in the country and the funds will be available to you on payday.

You can elect to have a portion of your pay deposited into one account and the balance into another. Or, simply have the entire net pay deposited into one account. You can sign up for this service in the Payroll Office (located in Fiske Annex on Winchester Street, or by calling the Payroll Coordinator at 358-2482.) Forms and instructions for fixed or direct amount direct deposit authorizations are also available online.

You can elect to have a portion of your pay deposited into one account and the balance into another. Or, simply have the entire net pay deposited into one account. You can sign up for this service in the Payroll Office (located in Fiske Annex on Winchester Street, or by calling the Payroll Coordinator at 358-2482. Forms and instructions for fixed or direct amount direct deposit authorizations are also available online.

Recycling and Rubbish Disposal

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. RETHINK! Students are responsible for locating and using recycling and waste containers on campus.

Every building has recycling and waste receptacles. Every residence hall room has a blue bag for paper and container recycling. Students are responsible for proper disposal of their wastes by recycling materials accepted by the College’s program using the dumpster/toters for other waste.

Leaving room trash in the hallways and bathrooms is not acceptable. Housekeepers are not responsible for taking student room waste to the dumpster and recycling containers.

Recycling collection and management is handled by student workers from R.O.C.K.S. (Recycling On Campus at Keene State) program and waste management at Keene State College is the responsibility of the Physical Plant/Grounds department.

You can learn more about the program and what materials are accepted on the ROCKS web site. Please direct any questions and concerns to the Recycling Office, 358-2567.

Free Green Bike Program:
Free Green Bike Program: Green bikes are available for free for check out at the Mason Library with your student identification. The program is available year-round. Bike helmets are also available at no charge from the library.

Arts and Culture

Putnam Lecture Hall

The Keene State College Film Society screens a variety of feature and classic films year-round in Putnam Arts Lecture Hall in the east wing of the Redfern Arts Center on Brickyard Pond. The hall is equipped for 16-, 35-, and 70-mm film formats with Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Screenings are usually at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 7 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, with matinees at 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Students with ID cards are admitted at reduced prices. Visit the Putnam web site for the current film series schedule.

Redfern Arts Center on Brickyard Pond

Student and faculty productions and visiting artists of national and international reputation appear in the Main and Wright Theatres and in the Alumni Recital Hall of the Redfern Arts Center on Brickyard Pond. A valid student ID allows you to purchase a ticket to each performance at the reduced KSC student price. A membership, offering reduced rates for an entire season of programs, is available for non-students. Call the Redfern Arts Center box office, 358-2168, for more information. Visit the Redfern Arts Center web site for the most updated events schedule.

Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery

(Wyman Way) Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery hosts a schedule of shows in two skylit, climate-controlled exhibit spaces. The facility is wheelchair accessible and admission is always free. Call 358-2720 or visit the Thorne web site for Gallery hours, information, and show schedules.

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