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Annual Study Away Photo Contest

Every semester, GEO sponsors a photo contest open to all KSC students who have studied away on semester or summer programs under GEO auspices. Six bookstore gift cards are awarded to the first and second place winners in three categories:

  • Global Engagement and Citizenship
  • General Study Away Experience
  • Global Engagement & Citizenship - written description.

Photos are displayed and voted on for a week before the votes are tallied and posted. After the contest, the photos are placed in a long-term display case on the third floor of the Lloyd P. Young Student Center.

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The Winners of the 2013 Photo Contest

GEO Photo Contest 2013

First Place General Category, photo by Kim L'heureux '14

This photo was taken at the top of Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, on the Zambia side. I chose this photo because it shows the beauty of the waterfall with a drop of over 360 feet. I was able to fully hang over the edge of the fall with rushing water surrounding me, known as Devil’s Pool, which is the first rocky outcropping in the photo. The scene was breathtaking because of the rushing falls and the double rainbow that was created.

GEO Photo Contest 2013

Runner-Up General Category, photo by Devan Witzenbocker '13

On the steps in front of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica amongst new friends, we sat listening to the finest live music Paris had to offer while watching the captivating performances by this young man. His confidence and determination inspired me to take this photo, capturing a sort of calm and tranquil feeling while performing his dangerous stunts above the city miles below. Talk about being on top of the world!

GEO Photo Contest 2013

First Place Global Engagement Category, photo by Rebecca Leclerc ’13

Informal settlements, otherwise known as townships, are a constant reminder of South Africa's Apartheid Government. People in these settlements live in houses made of corrugated, rusting metal with the earth as their floor and old tires used as weights to hold the roofs on their homes; they are victims of extreme poverty unlike anything we see in the United States. I spent much of my time in Cape Town volunteering in such townships and this picture was taken in Cape Town's first township: Langa. While we were here we brought food to cook for the local soup kitchen which only has a budget large enough to provide meals during the first two weeks of the month. In this picture I'm handing out vetkoek (a traditional South African bread) to the children of the community who are pushing each other out of the way to get a second piece.

GEO Photo Contest 2013

Runner-Up Global Engagement Category, photo by Annie White ’14

This photo captured one of many artists, musicians, and dancers that display their talents every day on the famous Charles Bridge. Before arriving in Prague, my Dad tried to express to me the excitement of the bridge and its ability to make you lose track of time, which proved to be a huge understatement as I could have spent an entire day enjoying everything it had to offer. A significant aspect of being globally engaged is accepting and appreciating ways of life that are different from our own. While many of the artists used their skills to earn a living, the man captured in this photo gave me the feeling that music is simply a passion he wishes to share with the world.