Clarinet Choir, Flute Ensemble, & Woodwind Quintet

Sunday -

Students will perform works for Flute Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, and Woodwind Quintet in a variety of styles and genres.

The Flute Ensemble includes several voices of the flute family from piccolo to bass flute, and presents pieces that show off all these instruments. Likewise, the Clarinet Choir has representatives of the clarinet family from sopranino to contrabass.

The Woodwind Quintet is an ensemble that has been in existence in its current configuration for almost 200 years, and many well-known composers have written for this group.

Tickets are $5 for everyone. Please contact the Box Office at (603) 358-2168 for more information.

Theatre/Location: Alumni Recital Hall

Price: $10 General Public / $5 Seniors, Youth, & KSC Students