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All matriculated students in good financial standing, and in compliance with the Declaration of Major policy are eligible to register online. Registration is accessed using your MyKSC account from a computer with the necessary internet access. The date and time you become eligible to register will be e-mailed to your Keene State E-mail address (e.g.,

Individual students will be assigned a specific day and time during each registration period that signals when he or she is first eligible to participate in registration. Each student will be notified of that information by e-mail. The information may also be accessed at following the initial notification by e-mail.

Online Access to Courses

You must satisfy all required course prerequisites, and the course section must have a seat available. Other restrictions may apply. Typical examples include formal declaration of a particular academic major, or permission of the course instructor. The registration process for courses requiring an instructor’s signature may be completed in the Registrar’s Office. You must register for courses requiring additional documentation such as Independent Study in the Registrar’s Office.

Advising Process

You are strongly advised to utilize the advising tools available to you prior to registration. This is particularly true if you have completed 24 or fewer credits. You should make arrangements to meet with your academic advisor prior to your scheduled time for registration. You may have the option of meeting with your academic advisor once you become eligible to register to complete the registration process in your advisor’s office with his or her assistance. Doing so will require your advisor’s approval for you to access web registration using his or her computer so you can preserve the confidentiality of your login password.

Any student completing an academic program using academic requirements in the 2001 through the present time is encouraged to utilize Program Evaluation (MyKSC > Student Services > Academic Profile > Program Evaluation) to assess progress toward completion of the intended degree program. Alternatively, you may wish to update your program-planning sheet(s), including the courses that you are registered for during the current semester. Program-planning sheets may be accessed at Identify the remaining courses that must be completed for your degree program, and based on proper course sequence, and or course prerequisites, determine which courses should be taken next.

Review the schedule of courses located at MyKSC > Student Services > Class Information > Search for Classes. You will be able to access course/section information including meeting times, location, instructor, enrollment capacity, and whether or not seats are still available (i.e., Open). A full listing of course offerings (without seat availability) is at

Check to make sure you have completed the prerequisites for the courses you wish to take. Prerequisite information is found within registration, in the KSC Catalog, and at Compile a list of courses/sections that best meet your needs based on the requirements for your major, as well as several alternative choices in the event that your first choices are not available when you are registering.

Make an appointment with your academic advisor. If you do not have an individual academic advisor, contact the department Chair, or attend an advising session offered by that department. If you have completed 24 or fewer credits you are strongly encouraged to meet with your advisor. The Elliot Center will contact students who haven’t identified a potential major (i.e., Undecided). Take the initiative to contact the Elliot Center (358-2500) if you have questions or concerns.

Registration Process

As the time for registration approaches each semester, there will be a variety of announcements published electronically (e.g., MyKSC, Campus News, KSC web page) and in print (e.g., Equinox) alerting the campus.

Each student will receive specific information regarding the date and time he or she becomes eligible to register via his or her Keene State e-mail address (e.g., You must access your KSC e-mail account to retrieve this important information. So, be prepared by knowing your password, etc. Contact the if you need your password reset.

You should participate in registration when you are scheduled to. If you are unable to do so, you should complete the process as soon as possible after your scheduled time, but prior to the conclusion of the registration period. Once you become eligible to register, you may return to registration as often as necessary to complete the process.

Accessing Registration

Registration is accessed at MyKSC > Student Services > Registration. You will be presented with two initial options: Search for Sections or Register for Sections. The first is useful to explore the section schedule, while the second is more focused on completing the registration process.

Upon selecting Register for Sections you will have several options: Search and Register for Sections, Express Registration, or Register for previously selected sections. Each option is described in the Register for Sections menu online. However, each option requires that you initially define a group of "preferred sections" from which you will then select sections to register for.

Registration Quick Guide XXX

Using Section Synonyms

A section synonym is a 6-digit number assigned by the student information system to each course section created for an academic term. Since each course section has a unique synonym assigned to it, you have the option to enter the synonym only in the Course Synonym column of some registration forms. No other data entry or selection is necessary. Check the results of the registration process to insure that you are registered for the course(s) that you intended.

Section synonym information is available in one of two locations:

Verify Your Course Schedule

Take a moment to verify your course schedule within registration itself or by accessing the My Class Schedule link for the appropriate term.

Changing Your Schedule During Web Registration

If you change your mind about taking a section that you are registered for, you may delete the section by using the Drop Sections process (MyKSC > Student Services > Registration > Register for Sections > Drop Sections).

You are also eligible to return to Registration after your original scheduled time during the Registration period to add additional sections using MyKSC or Student Services > Registration > Register for Sections).

Registration for Permission (Signature) Required Courses

A number of courses require permission (a signature) for registration. The most common example is a course that requires "permission of instructor" as a course prerequisite. Register for such courses using a Schedule Adjustment Form available online at Complete the form, secure the signature of the appropriate course instructor, and deliver the completed form to the Registrar’s Office during normal registration hours.

If a course requires additional paperwork such as a Special Permission Form for an Independent Study, you may retrieve the form at the Elliot Center and deliver the completed form to the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours.

Registration Support

The online process for Registration is intuitive, and the web forms include some minimal instructions. If you encounter any problems that are technical in nature, including forgetting your password, access issues, etc., contact the HelpDesk at 358-2532 or

Questions regarding your personal academic information or concerns related to course registration should be directed to Academic & Career Advising at 358-2500.

Contact the Registrar

Susan Goding
Administrative Assistant

The Registrar’s office is located in Elliot Hall (map).