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Initial Evaluation
The Counseling Center provides initial assessment and consultation services to all students who have paid the student fee for Counseling Center services. The objective of these initial services is to clarify a student's personal concerns and/or difficulties and to identify the best ways to address them. From these initial assessment services, recommendations will be made about appropriate services available either at the Center and/or other specialized services available elsewhere on campus or in the community. These recommendations will be based on: a) the student's concern/difficulty, b) the brief therapy approach used in our Center, c) the professional staff's expertise and availability, d) the resources available in the Center, and e) the availability of other on- or off-campus resources that would be better suited to a student's needs.

Individual Counseling
If a student's needs can be appropriately served by the Counseling Center, she/he may be referred for additional services such as ongoing meetings with a specific counselor. Individual counselors are available to meet to discuss a wide range of topics. Counselors may see an individual for a one-time appointment or for recurring, weekly meetings. In general, the counseling center provides short-term counseling and meetings take place once a week for 45-50 minutes. Individual clients sometimes return for counseling when a new issue arises that she/he may want to discuss with a counselor.

Couples Counseling
The Counseling Center provides counseling to couples and partners (both are required to be students at KSC): roommates, married couples, divorcing couples, couples who are dating, and same-sex couples. Change, conflict, and adjustment are a part of every close relationship. Counseling can help you understand and improve a troubled relationship or enhance a good one.

Groups and Classes
Every semester the Counseling Center offers a wide selection of groups and classes. Most groups and classes meet once a week for about 8-10 weeks during the semester. Commitments to these experiences are for a limited period of time with new groups/classes forming each semester. We offer both therapy groups and support groups to enhance an individual's health and well-being.

Educational Programs
The Counseling Center presents programs for residence hall members, fraternities, sororities, athletic teams and academic classes. These programs are educational in nature; they are often experiential, thus allowing students to interact and discuss specific content areas. Some of the topics covered include homesickness, eating disorders, going home for the holidays, long distance relationships, dreams, date rape, sexual assault/harassment, alcohol use and abuse.

Community Referral
The Counseling Center works closely with other professionals in the Keene community. Where requested or needed, we refer to other resources in the community.

Consultation to Faculty, Staff and Students
Our belief is that prevention and early intervention are helpful in assisting students to achieve personal and academic success at Keene State College. We welcome consultations about psychological and educational issues. We work directly with faculty and staff about how to work effectively with different student populations.

Support for Families
Because of confidentiality we can never confirm or deny that a student is being seen at the Counseling Center. Parents of Keene State students often call the Counseling Center when concerned about their son's or daughter's well-being. We can listen and support; we can refer the parent to other resources on campus, like Residential Life. We do not initiate contact with students except in extreme situations. We are willing to meet with families of students if the client requests such meetings as part of their on-going work. Parents who have specific concerns about their son or daughter should call and ask to speak with the Director or Assistant Director. These concerns will be addressed in such a way that every client's confidentiality is maintained.

Sexual Assault/Harassment Education and Prevention Program
The Counseling Center coordinates campus-wide programs designed to inform students about sexual assault and sexual harassment from policy and procedures to prevention and risk reduction. Programs can be requested by any club, organization or residence hall by calling the co-Advisor, Forrest Seymour, at 358-2047. Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

Critical Incident Support Team
The Keene State College Critical Incident Support Team is based in the Counseling Center. The team is made up of counselors, faculty, staff and students all of whom have been trained in the CISD protocol. The CIS team is available in case of an emergency on campus to help all those individuals or groups involved to get through a trauma, crisis or emergency. To contact the CIS team, call the Counseling Center at 358-2437.


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