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Keene State College Counseling Center Mission
The mission of the Counseling Center at Keene State College is to support the emotional well-being of students by providing the highest quality clinical services. Additionally, the Counseling Center designs and implements appropriate mental health policies and procedures for the College community. We place emphasis on creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship, or disability. We embrace diversity and strive to foster and promote awareness, empathy, and cultural competence within a multicultural environment.

Pre-doctoral Internship Training Philosophy
The primary focus of the pre-doctoral internship program at the Keene State College Counseling Center is to train ethical, multiculturally-competent, and environmentally-minded psychologists who are exceptional in the provision of clinical psychological services, while fostering increasing confidence in their identity as an early career psychologist. Interns are expected to improve or acquire the skills and knowledge that will help them succeed as an effective psychologist within a college counseling setting or other facility providing psychological services.

The Counseling Center staff believes that interns should develop excellence in the provision of psychological and outreach services, and that the most effective method involves their recognizing and adhering to research-based best practices within the field. As such, the internship program operates within the parameters of a practitioner-scholar model, and emphasizes intense practice by the interns as informed by outcome research within the fields of psychology and other human services. In their training, practical “real-life” experience is emphasized, and they spend a considerable amount of their time engaged in the wide array of service activities expected of all senior staff members. This occurs under the monitoring of close, tailored supervision, which our staff views as a vital element to their effectiveness and professional development. In addition to learning from practice and supervision, interns benefit from intentional staff modeling, as well as didactic trainings designed to increase their exposure and familiarity with critical elements of effective psychological practice.

Interns play a vital role in service provision at the Counseling Center; they are valued not only as key service providers, but also as the bearers of our profession as it moves forward. As such, a very strong emphasis is placed on facilitating their professional identity development, from trainee to early professional psychologist. This is accomplished through varied and intense supervision, as well as concerted efforts by all staff members to nurture the interns’ developing initiative, autonomy, and self-confidence in making clinical and professional decisions. Our staff believes that a key component of professional development is personal growth, and we attend to this by encouraging introspection, self-reflection, and appropriate risk-taking within supervision and other collegial activities. Further, we do our best to socialize the interns to the roles and expectations of a professional staff member to smoothly facilitate the transition from trainee to autonomous psychologist. Once interns have completed our internship, we expect them to be able to competently and confidently assume early career psychologist positions at college counseling centers or other psychological service organizations.


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