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  1. Development of psychologists who are competent in the clinical practice of psychotherapy
    1. Development of competence with assessment, diagnosis, and disposition
      1. Demonstrate ability to assess suicidality, homicidality, and harm of self/others
      2. Make appropriate clinical diagnoses and dispositions
      3. Conduct initial evaluations (clinical intake)
    2. Development of competence providing individual psychotherapy
      1. Show familiarity with theories of psychotherapy
      2. Develop knowledge and skill of using psychotherapy within a short-term treatment model
      3. Improve facility with case conceptualization/formulation
      4. Develop appropriate treatment plans
      5. Develop knowledge of best practices associated with specific presenting concerns and diagnoses
      6. Integrate practice with psychotherapy theory by increasing knowledge of situationally appropriate clinical interventions and effectively applying them within psychotherapy
      7. Collaborate and consult appropriately with Counseling Center staff and/or other professionals
      8. Manage client crises
      9. Access appropriate resources
      10. Develop facility making clinical referrals
      11. Manage an increasing caseload
      12. Navigate terminations
      13. Develop appropriate documentation skills
      14. Improve facility forming an effective therapeutic alliance
      15. Learn to appropriately use or manage transferences and counter-transferences
      16. Improve ability to assess and increase client motivation and commitment
    3. Development of group therapy theory, knowledge, and skills
      1. Show familiarity with theories of group psychotherapy
      2. Improve facility providing group interventions as integrated with theory
    4. Development of competence with formal psychological testing and assessment
      1. Develop proficiency determining appropriate tests/assessments to administer
      2. Develop skill administering psychological tests/assessments
      3. Increase facility interpreting psychological test/assessment results and writing integrated summary reports with treatment recommendations
      4. Develop skill discussing assessment results with clients
  2. Development of Ethical Psychologists
    1. Increase knowledge of ethical theory and practice
      1. Develop familiarity with the APA Ethics Code, as well as federal and state laws governing the ethical and professional practice of psychology
      2. Research and adopt a model for resolving ethical dilemmas
    2. Develop skill navigating potential ethical dilemmas or conflicts
      1. Demonstrate facility recognizing and conceptualizing potential ethical dilemmas (i.e., explain why the circumstances or actions represent a potential ethical violation)
      2. Demonstrate facility managing emerging ethical concerns/dilemmas in accordance with adopted model for resolving ethical dilemmas
  3. Development of Culturally Sensitive and Responsible psychologists
    1. Increase knowledge of theory and professional concerns related to issues of diversity.
      1. Recognize how factors of diversity including, but not limited to: cultural and ethnic diversity, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and power differentials affect individuals on a micro and macro level
      2. Recognize how factors of diversity affect systems within which individuals exist and operate
    2. Increase awareness of personal values, attitudes, beliefs and biases, and how those might influence clinical work
      1. Gain experiential exposure to unfamiliar or underserved groups or social settings
      2. Develop facility conceptualizing and communicating the potential impacts of personal values, attitudes, beliefs and biases within the intern’s clinical work
    3. Demonstrate integration and application of knowledge about diversity issues and personal values, attitudes, beliefs and biases awareness in clinical and professional work
      1. Appropriately consider issues of diversity when performing initial evaluations, conducting formal psychological tests/assessments, and providing individual or group therapy
      2. Appropriately consider issues of diversity with clients in the therapeutic relationship
  4. Development of Community/Environmentally Minded Psychologists
    1. Develop a broader understanding of human distress and ways to deliver mental health services
      1. Increase familiarity with a systems model to effect community change
      2. Increase knowledge of Ecopsychology and relevant practical applications
      3. Develop facility conceptualizing community emotional health or well-being needs from a systems model and an Ecopsychology approach
    2. Learn to formulate, develop, and implement emotional health programming and community intervention plans/campaigns
      1. Develop skill assessing community issues/concerns
      2. Learn to develop and implement creative education and/or prevention programming and community intervention strategies
      3. Develop skills of locating helpful resources and networking or consulting with non-mental health professionals to accomplish programming or community intervention objectives


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