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Here are some tips for getting the most out of your first year at Keene State College.

Tell your professor that you don't understand the assignment.
Say "no" when you're asked to do something you don't feel you want to do.
Begin practicing now!

Body celebration
We come in all shapes and sizes.
Celebrate your uniqueness!
Wear something that feels good, rather than worrying about how it looks.
Don't put yourself down.

Put yourself out there!
Join a club and attend floor meetings.
Get to know your professors.
Call your 1st year advisor.

Get moving.
Take a walk around campus.
Notice the flowers.
Join a recreational club.
Check out BodyWorks.

Energy matters
Get enough sleep.
Eat. Your body and mind can't run without fuel.
Take time for yourself -- do something special; rent a good movie.

Friends and lovers
Get out of your room and attend campus events!
Go to floor socials and programs.
Choose clubs and activities where you'll meet people with similar interests.

Join a study group -- a great way to meet people and improve your grades.
Sign up for a group or class offered by the Counseling Center
Find a group that fills a special interest you have -- for example, the Feminist Collective, Habitat for Humanity, KSC Pride.

Know that lots of people have it, and it does go away.
Talk about your feelings.
The Counseling Center is a great place to get support.
Recognize that change is hard.
It might take some time to adjust to new surroundings, routines, and people.

Read the flyers on the bulletin boards.
Read the Equinox.
If you don't know something, ask.

Joy and humor
Look for the silver linings.
Share a good joke and have a hearty laugh.
Don't take yourself too seriously.

Keene State Spirit
Get involved -- go to an athletic event and CHEER!
Remember -- this is YOUR college.
Respect each other.

Don't isolate yourself from others.
Begin the day with something positive --
reading from a meditation book,
writing in a journal,
having breakfast with a friend.
If the loneliness feels like it's deepening into a depression, consider calling the Counseling Center.

Manage your time.
Consider taking a workshop on time management
Know what's important and learn to schedule.
Know your peak energy times and avoid interruptions and distractions.

Stop to smell the roses (or whatever is in bloom).
Have you taken the "Arboretum & Gardens Walking Tour"?
Notice the living things around you,
deeply breathe the air,
lie on your back outside and watch the clouds float by.

Use a weekly planning guide (available in the Bookstore).
Make lists and check things off when you've completed them.
Be careful about over-committing your time.

Know your limits and find the balance between work and fun.
Respect the rights of those who would rather not be part of the party scene.
If you find you're having a problem with alcohol or drug use, call the Counseling Center; it's confidential!

It's okay to ask.
That's why you're here.
It's a great way to learn.

Talk to each other.
Negotiate "house rules."
Respect each other's personal space and belongings.
See your RA when conflicts can't be resolved.

Know what's okay for you and communicate with your partner.
Be aware that drinking increases your risk for unwanted, nonconsensual sexual activity.
Know that KSC has policies prohibiting sexual harassment and sexual assault, and there are resources on campus (and off campus) to help you.
Call the Sexual Violence Education & Prevention Program Coordinator, 603-358-2047, for more information.

Take time
Sit by Brickyard Pond and reflect on how things are going.
Curl up with a cup of tea or a steaming cup of soup.
Break up your study time with short walks or stretching.

Use resources
No issue is too small to talk over with a counselor.
Wondering about a major/a career/a job? Head for the Elliot Center.

Try not to skip meals. That often results in low energy, headaches, and reaching for junk food.
You learned about healthy food way back when -- at the Dining Commons, choose the stuff packed with vitamins and minerals first.
Ask someone to send you a "care package" with all your favorites.

Meditation and quiet time will give you a chance to "regroup".
Join a yoga class -- call the Counseling Center (603-358-2437) or Rec Sports (603-358-2826) for days and times.
See X, Y, and Z below.

X-ray yourself
Look inside, check in regularly.
Listen to your intuition. That small (and sometimes loud) voice inside needs to be heard.
Your spirit is important, too. Find ways to nourish it.

Put yourself first. Rather than being selfish, this is a way to be sure that you are able to give to others.
Consider what's right for you when making decisions.
Celebrate yourself!

Zone out
Learn about meditation.
Listen to a relaxation tape.
Take a nap!!


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