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Wellness Promotion


About Us

The Wellness Promotion Office coordinates educational programs, events, and services for students at Keene State College. The Wellness Promotion staff includes the Coordinator of Wellness Education, the KSC Champion Peer Educators, as well as undergraduate and graduate interns.




champions programKSC Champions Program

The KSC Champions Program is a campaign promoting social connection and individual and group action in support of healthy lifestyle behaviors. This program provides an opportunity to both give and gain encouragement for a journey toward wellness.  This program supports a community health improvment initiative, which is known as Healthy Monadnock 2020The goal of this health initiative is for Cheshire County to be the healthiest community in the nation by the year 2020.  Participants of the KSC Champions Program serve as ambassadors of Healthy Monadnock 2020 for Keene State and in turn, Cheshire County.  They "live, share, model, and inspire" healthy choices among their peers. 


    • Presentations (alcohol and other drug education, sexual health awareness, stress management, nurition education, etc)
    • Screenings (alcohol use, tobacco use, chlamydia testing)
    • Events (National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Great American Smokeout, World AIDS Day, Project U Fashion Show, Kick Butts Day, Spring Check Up)
    • Service Learning Projects: Behavior Change Video Projects - We work with two sections of the Health Science Behavior Change classes to create videos each semester that support our social marketing campaign "Be A Champion".  These students are trained on social marketing, college health issues, behavior change, and given current statistics from the KSC National College Health Assessment in order to plan and produce an educational video.  To view these videos, visit the KSC Champions YouTube Channel. Nutrition Education Poster Projects - We also work with the Health Science Nutrition As a Profession class each semester to create posters promoting nutrition education using social marketing techniques.  These posters are created for specific offices, departments, clubs, teams, organizations based on requests from areas throughout campus.  These posters could be seen on display on the area's bulletin boards, on easels in the lobbies of areas, posted on the area's social media sites as a jpeg file, etc.  A link to all of these posters will be uploaded here in the future for anyone to use. Healthy Eating Video Projects  

      The videos below were created by students from the KSC Dietetic Internship Program and filmed/produced by a Film Studies student.

      1. "Nutritional Gatekeeper," focuses on the divided plate method and reducing food waste. 
      2. "Portion Distortion," focuses on portion control and reducing food waste.  
      3. "Just Enough," focuses on the Plate Waste Study, benefits of eating well, and tips on food selection.
      4. "Evolution of Yogurt," focuses on food waste reduction and mindfulness eating. 
    • Social Media

KSC Champion Peer Educators (CPEs)

    Champion Peer Educators (CPEs) are a group of student leaders who serve as health and wellness promotion leaders and resources to their peers at Keene State College. They are Nationally Certified Peer Educators through The BACCHUS Network, a collegiate peer education initiative that supports the achievement of students’ academic and personal success by building skills in student leaders to address campus health and safety issues. CPEs encourage students to make healthy choices, become active leaders and engaged citizens in the community.


Please contact Tiffany Mathews at or 603-358-2890 for more information.



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