Aspire Student and Instructor

The Aspire Program is a federally funded TRIO program, one of two TRIO programs at Keene State College. Aspire provides an array of services designed to improve student success.


Aspire provides students with academic support services designed to enhance success. The program attempts to help students improve their performance in classes, and increase the likelihood that students will graduate.

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The Aspire Program offers:

Aspire will encourage students to take full advantage of the services available at Keene State. They also assist students in examining their strengths and limitations in order to create a realistic schedule of classes.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. If neither of your parents or guardians graduated from a four-year college, you qualify for Aspire services as a first generation student.
  2. If you are getting financial aid, you might meet federal low-income criteria. If you are a low-income student, you will be eligible for Aspire services
  3. If you have a documented learning or physical disability, you are eligible for Aspire services. If you have a documented disability, we can support your learning and college experience.