Percussion Ensemble: Sound Sculpture

Thursday -

Artists and musicians have long inspired each other and formed collectives. Robert Rauschenberg, Jackson Pollock, Buckminster Fuller, and Marcel Duchamp were part of the “New York” School that associated with sound artists like John Cage. Percussion music can often be perceived as sound sculpture.

This semester’s KSC Percussion Ensemble concert is a throwback to a time when new music was often presented in art galleries. Works that feature percussion, found objects, organized sound, spoken word, and hand drums will be spread through the gallery.

Composers include John Cage, James Tenney, Juri Seo, Alice Gomez, Pauline Oliveros, Glen Velez, Jason Treuting and Christopher Swist. Swist’s “Chance 64” is a computer piece written in tribute to John Cage. The computer creates the form in real time using the I Ching Hexagram of 64 random possibilities.

This performance will be pre-recorded and livestreamed on the day of the recital.

Performance Program

Price: FREE Livestream Event Open to the General Public