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Dr. Chitra Akkoor

Assistant Professor
Communication and Philosophy
Media Arts Center • M-4000

Courses Taught: Intercultural Communication, World Cultures & Communication, Diversity in the American Family, Research Methods, Senior Project, Introduction to Communication Studies.

Education: Ph.D., Communication Studies, University of Iowa, 2011; M.A., Communication Studies, Western Michigan University, 2004; B.A., English Literature, University of Madras, 1982

Research: Cross-cultural adaptation challenges, identity, and communication of immigrants from South Asia in Europe and United States.

Publications: Akkoor, C. (in press). Recreating family in the diaspora. In L. Baxter (ed.), Remaking Family Communicatively, Peter Lang.

Baxter, L. A., & Akkoor, C. (2011). Topic expansiveness and family communication patterns. Journal of Family Communication.

Baxter, L. A., & Akkoor, C. (2008). Aesthetic love and romantic love in close relationships: A case study in East Indian arranged marriages. In R. C. Arnett & K. G. Roberts (Eds.), Communication ethics: Between cosmopolitanism and provinciality. Peter Lang.

Selected Conference Presentations: Recreating Community: Afghan Hindus in Germany. Paper presented at the Eight Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, July, 2013.

Constructing family: Afghan Hindu refugees in Germany. Paper presented at the NCA annual conference in Orlando, FL, Nov, 2012.

Contesting religion, contesting culture in the diaspora: A case study of Asian Indian Hindus in the U.S.A. Paper presented at the NCA Summer Conference on Intercultural Dialogue in Istanbul, Turkey, July, 2009.

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